2022 में औसतन 21 दिन चलीं देश की विधानसभाएं: बिहार-MP समेत 9 राज्यों में पेश होने के दिन ही बिल पास; कर्नाटक विधानसभा 45 दिन चली

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New Delhi32 minutes agoAuthor: Anirudh Sharma

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The budget was discussed only for two days in the Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly.  - Dainik Bhaskar

The budget was discussed only for two days in the Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly.

Legislative Assemblies across the country ran for an average of 21 days in the year 2022. During this, an average meeting of 5 hours was held daily. Apart from passing more than 500 bills, states passed budgets. 56% of the bills were passed on the day they were introduced.

In 9 states including Bihar, Gujarat, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, all the Bills were passed on the same day they were introduced. In 4 states including Rajasthan, Delhi, the session did not end at all, so that there was no need to take the permission of the Governor.

Research agency PRS Legislative has prepared a report on the functioning of 28 Legislative Assemblies across the country and 2 Union Territories of Delhi and Puducherry in the year 2022. According to this, 61% of the meetings of the year were in the name of the budget session. Highest 90% meetings were held in Tamil Nadu, followed by 80% meetings in Gujarat and Rajasthan. In Tamil Nadu, the budget was discussed for 26 days, while in Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab, the discussion took place for two days.

More than 30 days meetings in 7 states
The maximum duration of the Karnataka Assembly was 45 days. Then the Bengal assembly lasted for 42 days and Kerala for 41 days. The assemblies of Bengal and Maharashtra ran longer than the previous year (2021). Himachal, Kerala, Telangana Assemblies ran for less days than in 2021.

In Uttar Pradesh too, meetings were held only for 15 days in a year. Legislatures of 16 states ran for less than 20 days and the assemblies of 3 northeastern states did not run even for 10 days. There are also Legislative Councils in 6 states. On an average, they held meetings for 25 days. The Karnataka Legislative Council met for the maximum number of 45 days followed by Maharashtra for 31 days.

Reduced the authority of the governor in the university administration
Maximum 16% bills were passed related to education. Bills were passed in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Kerala to change the role of Governor in university administration. The right to appoint the Vice-Chancellor was taken away from the Governor.

In Haryana and Karnataka, a law was made to ban religious conversion. Chhattisgarh passed the bill of Anti Gambling Law. Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Tripura and Uttar Pradesh enacted or amended laws to increase the salaries, pensions and other facilities of legislators and government officials.

It took 188 days for the approval of the Lieutenant Governor in Delhi.
During the year 2022, only 5% i.e. 30 bills were sent to committees for detailed study. 57% of the bills got the assent of the governor or lieutenant governor within a month. The bill passed in Delhi took the maximum 188 days to get the approval of the Lieutenant Governor. It took an average of 97 days in West Bengal and 89 days in Chhattisgarh to get the Governor’s approval.

26 Bills passed in Goa in 2 days, long discussion on budget in Tamil Nadu
During the 10-day session of the Goa Legislative Assembly in July 2022, 26 bills were passed in just two days. Spent an average of 8 days in the assemblies across the country in the budget. Tamil Nadu spent the maximum 26 days discussing the budget, followed by Karnataka for 15 days and Odisha and Kerala for 14 days each. Budget was discussed for 13 days in Rajasthan, 12 days in Gujarat, 11 days in Jharkhand, 7 days in Bengal, 6 days in Chhattisgarh and 5 days in Maharashtra. Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab discussed the budget only for two days.

Maximum 85 bills passed in Assam, only 7 passed in Punjab
56% i.e. 322 bills were passed without any discussion on the day they were presented in the assemblies. Whereas in 2021, 44% of the bills were passed on the same day they were presented. In Assam, 51 bills were passed more than in 2021 (34 bills). 11 states including Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Odisha passed fewer bills as compared to 2021.