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20 units of blood donation in the camp of BCN, Neempura branch of South Eastern Railway Mazdoor Sangh. Rail Hunt

KharagpurLike every year, Carriage and Wagon BCN Depot, Nimpura branch of Open Line of South Eastern Railway Mazdoor Sangh organized a voluntary blood donation camp. Government hospitals are constantly battling with the lack of blood during the Corona period and such programs are doing the work of lifesaving in it. Taking full care of social distance and other standards, the blood donation program was completed in the camp.

op This blood donation camp was conducted under the supervision of trained doctors of Kharagpur Railway Hospital. About 20 units of blood were collected. Two women workers also donated blood. In this program, South Eastern Railway Mazdoor Sangh’s Zonal President Prahlad Singh, Working President Dilip Pal, Divisional Coordinator Harihar Rao, Factory Secretary P.K. Kundu, Factory Co-Secretary Manish Chandra Jha, Factory Co-Secretary Jayant Kumar, Balbant Singh, Om Prakash Yadav, Kaushik Sarkar, P.K. Patro, Ganesh Sinha were present. Incharge S Patro, H.K. Devangan was present as a guest.

In the successful organization of this program, the chairman of the depot branch, G. P. Mishra, Branch Secretary Lalit Prasad Sharma and other members include Gautam Das, G. Of. Friends, Gautam Kumar, Vishwajeet Panjiara, Vikas Kumar, Ritesh Kumar, Sanjay Kashyap, R Raju, Rajkumar Fahlia, Durga Prasad, Ravi Mahato, B. Kamalakar, R. Adinarayana, Rajesh Kumar, Manav De, B. Nanda, Dheeraj Sharma, A. Ramana Rao, Geeta Pasi, Prabha, Karan Kumar, P. Majhi, Arvind Sahu, Shrikant, Ranveer Chauhan, Bharti Bai, Kalyani and P. Lakshmi have incomparable contributions. The Zonal President thanked all the workers wholeheartedly for this.

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