20 new cages for big cats to be found at Gorewada Rescue Center. Nagpur News – Times of India

Nagpur: With Gorewada Rescue Center (GRC) is running out of space to accommodate the rescued tigers and leopards, Forest Development Corporation of Maharashtra (FDCM) is planning to expand its capacity by adding 20 more enclosures.
Presently the rescue center has 10 enclosures for tigers and 20 for leopards. However, this capability has already been exhausted.
According to sources, the Public Works Department (PWD) is in the process of finalizing the project estimates. Talking to TOI, Divisional Manager Pramod Panchbhai said, “Last month, we have asked” Public Works Department To prepare estimates. The cost of the project will be over Rs 8-10 crore and 50:50 funding will be sought under both CAMPA and state plan.
This is a drastic step for the officials of the rescue center to accommodate the additional animals, especially tigers and leopards. There are 10 tiger enclosures in the center, but 12 tigers. A tiger due to lack of space in Gorewada pandharkawada Transit Treatment Center (TTC) is located at Seminary Hills.
“Given the raging human-animal conflict in Vidarbha, the possibility of bringing more individual problem tigers and leopards to the center cannot be ruled out,” says Kundan Het, a member of the state wildlife board.
There are 25 problem panthers, but only 20 enclosures in the center. Of the two additional tigers, one has been kept in a hospital while the other will be kept in monkey cages. The monkeys have been moved to smaller mammal cages as there is no small mammal in the center so far.
According to the list submitted to the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) during the last seven years from April 2015 to July 2021, the rescue center found 20 tigers – 8 males and 12 females – from the area. Of these, five tigers – three females and two males – were disposed of, while three died during treatment.
Similarly, during the same period, the center found 41 leopards – 16 males and 25 females. Of these, eight-five women and three men were disposed of, while 12 died during treatment.
Once again, man-animal conflict has erupted in Vidarbha and in the last seven months at least 28 villagers, most of whom have gone deep into the forest, have been killed in tiger or leopard attacks. The number of tiger deaths in the state during the same period has gone up to 26.
Despite two tigers and seven leopards being released for safaris at Balasaheb Thackeray International Zoological Park and three being sent to Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP), Mumbai, the number of surplus big cats at the rescue center continues to grow.
To overcome the crowd and pair up, the three-year-old male tiger NT-1 captured from Talodhi was shifted to Maharajbagh Zoo last August. “The city zoo has sought a tigress from Gorewada for breeding purposes,” Panchbhai said.


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