2 terrorists arrested from Patna: Relations with PFI-SDPI, retired inspector was learning to use weapons; ED to probe funding

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2 people involved in terrorist activity in Bihar and plotting to break India have been arrested. Patna Police caught him from Naya Tola on Wednesday. Both were also associated with Popular Front of India i.e. PFI and Social Democratic Party of India i.e. SDPO.

Manish Kumar, ASI of Phulwari Sharif told that they were working on Mission 2047. These people wanted to make India a Muslim nation. To fulfill this target, Muslim youth were being trained to use weapons. ED will now investigate those who funded them.

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One of the arrested terrorists is Jalaluddin, a retired police officer of Jharkhand Police and his partner Athar Parvez. Both of them are accused of giving training to use weapons in the name of imparting martial arts and physical education. Both are also accused of spreading religious hysteria and committing terroristic activity.

A day before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Patna, i.e. on the evening of July 11, on the input of IB (Intelligence Bureau), the police raided Naya Tola and caught Athar from his house in Jalaluddin and Gulistan Mohalla.

Athar Baler has been involved in terrorist activities in 2003 and 2013.

Athar Baler has been involved in terrorist activities in 2003 and 2013.

Athar was the bailer of many blast accused
The ASP also informed that Athar Baler has been involved in all the arrests made for terrorist activities in 2001, 2003 and 2013. The police have verified this.

Conspiracy: To make India an Islamic nation by 2047
On July 6-7, youths from Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand and West Bengal were given training in the name of martial arts. The plot was to make India an Islamic nation by 2047. However, the police is not telling whether the PM was the target of these people or not.

Retired SI arrested with former SIMI member: Terrorist training was misleading the boys in Patna

NIA and ATS also interrogated Jalaluddin and Athar.

NIA and ATS also interrogated Jalaluddin and Athar.

The police have recovered many objectionable banners, pamphlets, videos and other documents from their hideouts. Both were being questioned since July 11. After getting the evidence, the police presented both of them in front of the media on Wednesday. The ASP said that Athar has three accounts in different banks. Of these, Rs 83 lakh has been deposited. Police say that all three accounts will be frozen.

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