2 adults, 1 child killed after being hit by train in Chicago – Times of India

Chicago: Two adults and one child of a Metra . died after Train hit them Vehicle in sunday Chicago, officials said.
Chicago fire officials said a train heading north toward the city struck a vehicle on the far south side of the city just after 5 p.m. and pushed it half a mile ahead. Chicago Sun-Times.
According to Metra spokeswoman Meg Riel, the car in front of the train partially derailed due to the force of the impact and the vehicle caught fire.
According to fire officials, two adults and a child in the vehicle were declared brought dead on the spot. A 43-year-old man in the vehicle was also rushed to the hospital in the best condition.
Rayleigh said the train’s conductor and engineer also reported injuries, although they were considered non-life-threatening. She said that 41 passengers on board the train refused medical aid and were taken to a different station so that they could continue their way into the city.
It was not immediately known how fast the train was traveling at the time of the collision, although Reel said the speed limit for trains in that area is 79 mph.
“Our understanding at this point in time is that everything was working as intended,” Riel said. “While we will do this – and this is normal operating procedure, anytime there is an incident involving a train, whether fatal or not – we download and check the equipment to make sure it is in place at that time. was working fine. but we don’t have Information At this point in time to indicate that our signals and gates were not working.”
No further information was immediately available. The investigation is being done by Metro officials.


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