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18-year-old girl poisons family to run away with boyfriend in Surat Surat News – Times of India

Surat: Police on Friday booked three people, including an 18-year-old girl, for marrying their boyfriend by poisoning their family. The girl was waiting to become an adult to marry her lover and two days after her birthday, she poisoned her parents and brother and escaped. The police have also registered a case against the girl, her ‘husband’ and her father.
Based on the complaint of the girl’s father Deepak Vanzara, Dindoli Police have booked Khushboo (18), her husband Sachin (22) and her father Ashok More (49) for causing hurt by means of poison and conspiracy. Vanzara had lost his job during the lockdown as a contract worker in an industrial unit in Hazira.
The police arrested the property broker Ashok on Saturday, while his unemployed sons Sachin and Khushboo are absconding. The police suspect that the two have taken shelter with a relative. The police team is on the lookout for the accused couple.
Investigation revealed that both the families lived in the same society in Dindoli where the two accused became friends.
Even before this, Khushboo, who dropped out after class X, had eloped with Sachin about two years ago. After the two met at Sachin’s relative’s house, Khushboo was brought back home as she was still a minor. Her parents were against their relationship.
Meanwhile, more families moved to another area and they even sold their house to pay off the debt but the families remained in touch.
According to the police, “Two days after Khushboo’s 18th birthday, she planned to run away with her lover and the two conspired to make her parents unconscious and run away from the house on September 12. He bought some pills from a medical store and mixed flour in it. To feed aloo paratha to his family,” said an officer from Dindoli police station.
In the evening, he fed the whole family with medicine flour but refused to eat himself. When her parents asked, she claimed that she was not feeling hungry. After a while when the family members started feeling dizzy and they fainted, Ashok came to collect Khushboo on a motorcycle and she eloped with Sachin.
The next morning the girl’s father woke up late and restless and found his daughter missing from the house. He woke up his wife and son who were also feeling uncomfortable.
Meanwhile, Vanzara got a call from Dindoli police station asking him to come there. Police said that her daughter had come to the police station after registering her marriage with her new husband.
“She had come to inform the police about her marriage and was allowed to go with her husband as she is now grown up,” police said.
After this Vanzara’s condition deteriorated and he had to be admitted to the hospital along with other family members.
After recovering, he approached the police and lodged a formal complaint.


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