18 हजार नहीं लौटाए तो नाबालिग की हत्या: दिल्ली में दुकान से कपड़े भी उधार लिए; पैसे मांगने पर देता था पुलिस की धमकी

New Delhi7 minutes ago

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In Delhi, a 14-year-old boy was shot dead for not returning the loan. According to media reports, four accused have been arrested in the case. The accused told the police during interrogation that the minor used to borrow clothes from their shop and did not give the money. When he used to demand money from her, he used to make excuses and threaten to lodge a false complaint with the police.

Police said that the body of the minor was found in the drain on January 22. The minor Manjit was missing from the house since January 8. On January 19, his parents lodged a complaint with the police station. When the police started the investigation, they found a dead body. When the parents of the minor were called to confirm the dead body, it was found that it was the dead body of their son.

shot for not giving money
In the investigation, the police suspected four people. When the police arrested him and interrogated him, he confessed that he had killed the minor. The accused are Harshit, Vikram, Vipin and Pankaj. Harshit and Vikram have a clothes shop in D Block Shahbad Dairy.

One day he called the minor to the shop and asked him to return the money. When the minor refused to give the money, he had a fight with him. Heard a lot and the minor was shot dead by one of the accused.

Three accused absconded from the spot
The police have registered a case against all the accused under sections of the IPC. Police say that three more people are involved in the accused. Four people have been arrested. Three people are absconding. At present they are being investigated.

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