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15 trains running from Indore will have LHB coaches

Good news for commuters in Madhya Pradesh, Railways will equip more than 15 trains with Ergonomically Link Hoffmann Busch (LHB) coaches. The new rakes will make the journey more comfortable for the passengers as well as reduce the travel time. Trains equipped with LHB coaches can move at a speed of 110 kmph. Trains will catch maximum speed after crossing Nagda town.

The railway administration has decided to replace the existing coaches of all trains running from Indore. Indore-Howrah Express will ferry passengers in a new rake from October 2. Indore-Patna and Shanti Express trains are in queue for modification.

Significantly, many trains running from Indore are already running with LHB coaches. Indore-Amritsar Express, Indore-Chandigarh Express, Indore-Delhi Express and Avantika Express are some of the trains that have LHB coaches.

But now according to railway officials, LHB coaches are being installed in all trains coming from Indore. Shanti Express, Indore-Bilaspur Express, Indore-Patna Express, Indore-Bikaner Express and Indore-Rewa Express are among the trains whose coaches are yet to be replaced with LHB rakes.

LHB coaches are designed with German technology and are made of stainless steel. The Central Buffer Calling (CBC) system in LHB coaches does not allow overlap of coaches during an accident.

Nagesh Namjoshi, former member of Railway Passenger Facilitation Committee, said that LHB coaches provide a maximum speed of 110 kmph, and ensure a comfortable journey for the passengers. The sleeper coach of LHB rake has 80-80 seats, while the third AC coach has 72 seats.

Meanwhile, the Indore-Daund special train had an accident on Monday. Two of its coaches derailed at Lonavala Hill Town station in Pune. Though no casualties were reported, traffic on the route remained affected for about five hours.

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