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10 evergreen songs of Melody Queen on Asha Bhosle’s birthday

His voice is reminiscent of tiramisu. Like the delectable Italian dessert, it is rich, moist, powerful, smooth and exquisite. Asha Bhosle’s beautiful acting has a similar impact on the soul of her listeners. She has been ruling crores of hearts with her voice since the 1950s. She can do justice to everything, be it a dance number, a love song, a ghazal, a classical song or a folk raga.

She is more of a rockstar than a playback singer in the Hindi cinema industry, a relentlessly calm man whose music has impressed and impressed us beyond words. Given his youthful enthusiasm, it is easy to overlook Bhosale’s upcoming 88th birthday. It is more likely that she will be a year younger.

dum maaro doom

Another classic hit from the classic singer. While several renditions of the song have been released, the original track still holds its charm.

Yeh Mera Dil Yaar Ka Deewana

The song is considered one of the most titled item numbers of all time as it is sung with a hint of sensuality, showcasing Asha ji’s flexibility.

Abhi Na Jao Chhod Kar

Despite his (Rafi’s) handsome appeal, Asha ji smiles and says, ‘No, no, no,’ in the wonderful romance of Jaydev’s tune. His captivating musical buzz is to die for.

lonely lonely

His slow rejection of singledom in the guise of AR Rahman’s catchy lyrics and Urmila Matondkar’s astonishing transformation in Rangeela is the stuff of love at first sight.

somewhere on fire

Rahman’s fresh approach to the soundtrack allowed Asha’s as fresh voice as ever to reveal another side of her inexhaustible knowledge of sura and rhythm.

Her voice effortlessly complimented Aishwarya’s steps in this song.

Chura Liya Hai Tumne

Despite being one of the most played songs of all time, the singer’s sweet act in RD’s classic hit from the 1970s is still nourishing for the loving soul. When one thinks of Asha ji, the first song that comes to mind is Chura Liya.

you drink today

This fast-paced dance piece shot on Helen, skillfully performed by Asha ji, has a poignant undercurrent. She has a habit of capturing the vibe of a song.

Jawaani sweetheart

This erotic song was picturized on Parveen Babi. Some people think that this is the best song ever sung by the singer. His bubbly voice added yet another depth to this pop tune, which still hasn’t lost its charm.

Chhod Do Aanchal

There is a lot of ‘paid’ in the infectious *ah* of leave because it is impossible to let go. Nutan – and Asha ji – give your all in this couple. It is a timeless piece that ranks among her personal bests.

Mera Kuch Saman

The song is a treat to listen to, draws one’s soul into a serene calm and is considered one of the most powerful tunes to ignite the pain of a broken heart. For this song, she won the National Film Award for Best Female Playback Singer.

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