हिमाचल में स्नो लेपर्ड का VIDEO: लाहौल स्पीति में घरों के आसपास घूम रहा था, NCF का दावा- देवभूमि में करीब 73 बर्फानी तेंदुए

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Snow Leopard was once again seen in Himachal’s tribal district Lahaul Spiti, which has been captured on camera. The endangered animal was caught on camera by a government official roaming around residential areas in the valley.

The snow leopard is one of the few animals in the world whose species are on the verge of extinction. Thousands of tourists are reaching here every year to see the snow leopard in the Spiti valley adjacent to the China border in Himachal. After snowfall between the months of December and March, these animals come down from the mountains and reach around the residential areas.

Ajay Baniyal, posted as Assistant Public Relations Officer in the Public Relations Department in Kaza, has captured a snow leopard on his camera in a drain near Chichum village. Snow Leopard has become a better option to promote winter tourism in Spiti Valley. The tourists staying at the home stay are being taken to see Snow Leopard for a day, which is providing employment to the local tourist guides.

Number of Snow Leopards in Spiti 26
Himachal currently has 73 snows. In the year 2021, the Leopard Nature Conservation Foundation had released the number of snow leopards. This survey was started in the year 2018. Snow leopards are also seen in Kinnaur and Pangi, but the number of snow leopards in Spiti is around 26.

NCF scientist Dr. Ajay Bijoor says that 284 cameras were installed in Himachal. 73 snow leopards were found in the survey. This does not include the number of cubs. According to the survey, the number of snow leopards is increasing year by year in Himachal Pradesh.

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