हिमाचल में मंत्रिमंडल का गठन लटका: हाईकमान से नहीं बन रही सहमति, राज्य प्रभारी ने भी अलग लिस्ट बनाई; CM सुक्खू को फ्री हैंड नहीं

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Despite getting a clear majority in Himachal, Chief Minister Sukhwinder Sukhu is not able to expand the cabinet. A week has passed since the leader of the Legislature Party was elected. However, the cabinet is not yet known. Regarding this, different types of discussions have started in the political circles.

According to sources, there is no consensus with the high command on the names of the ministers. Even though the high command preferred Sukhwinder Sukhu for the post of CM over Pratibha Singh and her group. However, he has not been given a free hand in the name of ministers. Even Himachal Congress in-charge Rajeev Shukla has prepared a separate list.

Work hangs due to delay in cabinet formation
Due to the delay in the formation of the cabinet, development works have come to a standstill in the state. Already, due to the model code of conduct in the state, the pace of development has been derailed for almost two months. Now many important works are not being started due to hanging of cabinet formation. The selection of CM and Deputy CM in the state has been done on December 10.

Both have also taken oath on 11th December. Then it was being said that the cabinet would be expanded in two-four days. But, CM Sukhwinder Sukhu has still not been able to decide the cabinet.

It is a matter of concern that there is less possibility of cabinet expansion even for the next few days, as the infighting in the party regarding the cabinet has intensified. Shimla district is facing maximum difficulties.

Even today, the Chief Minister will discuss the cabinet with party in-charge Rajeev Shukla in Delhi. Yesterday also an attempt was made to make an agreement with Rajeev Shukla, but the agreement could not be reached. Meanwhile, there is a ruckus about the speaker of the assembly.

Controversy over speaker and deputy speaker
Actually, CM Sukhwinder wants to appoint 2 of the contenders for the ministerial post as assembly speaker and deputy speaker. But, all are lobbying to become ministers. That’s why the tussle over the speaker and deputy speaker has intensified in Delhi, as both are to be sworn in at Tapovan in Dharamshala during the winter session of the assembly.

Screw in cabinet due to Shimla
The biggest screw in cabinet expansion is due to Shimla district. This screw is believed to be due to Sukhwinder Sukhu’s close aides Rohit Thakur and Anirudh Singh, Hollyodge’s Mohan Lal Brakta and Sonia Gandhi’s Khas Theog MLA and former state president Kuldeep Singh Rathore, while Vikramaditya Singh’s name is almost fixed.

It is certain to become minister of 2 from Shimla. A maximum of 3 ministers can be made from here, while the contenders here are considered to be 5. Sukhwinder Sukhu is no longer able to ignore both the MLAs close to him, neither Holly Lodge nor Rathore, close to Sonia Gandhi.

He got minister post in Kangra
Maximum 3 ministers will be formed from Kangra. But, now only the names of Chandra Kumar and Sudhir Sharma can be final. As the third minister, any one of Sanjay Ratna, Kewal Singh Pathania, Ashish Butail can get a ministerial post before the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Harshvardhan is also decided to become a minister
Kuldeep Pathania from Chamba district, Dhaniram Shandil from Solan, one of Sanjay Awasthi and Ram Kumar, Jagat Singh Negi from Kinnaur, Ravi Thakur from Lahaul Spiti, Harshvardhan Chauhan from Sirmaur, Rajesh Dharmani from Ghumarwin, Rajendra Rana from Hamirpur, Sundar from Kullu. Singh Thakur can get ministerial post. Out of these the speaker or deputy speaker is to be appointed.

Sukhu will meet PM tomorrow
Chief Minister Sukhwinder Sukhu will meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday. Got time to meet PM. Sukhwinder Sukhu told that in the first meeting he will not demand anything from the PM, rather it will be his courtesy meeting. Now the eyes of the people of the state will be on the meeting of PM and CM.

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