हिमाचल में उप मुख्यमंत्री और CPS नियुक्ति मामला: हाईकोर्ट में आज होगी बहस; ‌BJP विधायकों की दलील- नियुक्तियां असंवैधानिक, रद होनी चाहिए

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The matter of appointment of Deputy CM and Chief Parliamentary Secretaries (CPS) is to be debated in the Himachal High Court today. BJP MLAs have appealed to cancel his appointment by calling it unconstitutional. On his petition, the court has summoned the reply of Deputy CM Mukesh Agnihotri and six CPS.

It is believed that today all CPS including Deputy CM will file reply. Their answers will be debated in the court. The petition contended that the Himachal government was aware that the Supreme Court had held the Acts for the appointment of parliamentary secretaries in Assam and Manipur illegal. Despite this Himachal government has appointed six CPS.

Chief Minister Sukhwinder Sukhu administering oath to CPS Sunder Singh Thakur (file photo)

Chief Minister Sukhwinder Sukhu administering oath to CPS Sunder Singh Thakur (file photo)

The appointment of CPS in the state has also been challenged in the High Court by People for Responsible Governance. A petition was filed by BJP regarding the posting of first CPS and second deputy CM. Clubbing these three, a hearing is to be held in the court today.

Former Virbhadra government of Himachal had also imposed 9 CPS. Even then there was a lot of ruckus about them. Even during that time, People for Responsible Governance had challenged in the High Court.

There is no provision for the oath of deputy CM in the constitution – Satti
BJP MLA and former state president of the party, Sattapal Satti said that there is no provision for oath of deputy CM in the constitution. Still Mukesh Agnihotri was sworn in as Deputy CM. Similarly the appointment of CPS is also unconstitutional. The Congress government has put a financial burden on the state exchequer by imposing six CPS.

That’s why questions are being raised on the intention of BJP.
The second aspect is also that there is a deputy CM in many BJP-ruled states. In such a situation, after the Bharatiya Janata Party challenged the Deputy Chief Minister in the High Court in Himachal, questions are also being raised on the intentions of the party. Advocate Satyapal Jain, who is pleading this case in the court, said that this argument is of political people. The Constitution provides for a Chief Minister, Cabinet Minister, Minister of State and Deputy Minister. There is no mention of Deputy CM and CPS. If anyone feels that the appointment of Deputy CM in a BJP ruled state is illegal then he should challenge it.

symbolic picture

symbolic picture

Violation of Article 164 of the Constitution – Jain
Satyapal Jain said that Article 164 of the Constitution says that the number of cabinet ministers in any state cannot exceed 15 percent. Yet the Himachal government has formed six CPSs apart from the cabinet ministers. He said that the High Court has been informed about the judgment of the Supreme Court. They hope that the appointments will be canceled by the court.

CM Sukhu made them CPS
Chief Minister Sukhwinder Sukhu has made Sanjay Awasthi from Arki assembly seat, Sundar Singh Thakur from Kullu, Ram Kumar from Doon, Mohan Lal Barakta from Rohru, Ashish Butail from Palampur and Kishori Lal from Baijnath as CPS. All of them have been made respondents by BJP MLAs and People for Responsible Governance.

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