हरियाणा में H3N2 इन्फ्लूएंजा से पहली मौत: जींद का रहने वाला; रिपोर्ट पॉजिटिव आने पर हेल्थ अफसर पहुंचे तो मर चुका था, कैंसर भी था

Jindone day before

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H3N2 influenza virus has claimed one life in Haryana’s Jind. Jagdish (56) of Julana was battling cancer for three months. He had shown symptoms of H3N2 influenza virus 20 days ago. When he was tested at PGI Rohtak, he was found positive. Now his death has created a stir in the health department. The department is worried about the knock of the virus in Jind and then the death of a person. Although the health department is considering cancer as the cause of death.

It has been told that Jagdish, who lives in Ward 3 of Julana, was taken to PGI Rohtak on December 22 after chest pain. After examination there, he found a cancerous lump. Since then he was undergoing treatment. Now on February 19, his health deteriorated. When he went to the doctor, it came to light that Jagdish had symptoms of H3N2 influenza virus. Only after this he was again sent to PGI for investigation. There his sample was examined.

After Jagdish’s condition improved, his relatives brought him home. Now when the report of his H3N2 influenza virus was found positive, there was a stir in the health department. A team from Julana Hospital was sent to his house. On going there, we came to know that Jagdish had died on 8th March.

The Health Department has also sent samples of Jagdish’s family members for investigation. Although they do not have any symptoms of H3N2 influenza virus and the family members are completely healthy.

CMO quote – Death due to cancer

Civil surgeon Dr. Manju Kadian said that all the family members of Jagdish are fine. On January 19, Jagdish was examined at PGI Rohtak. Influenza was confirmed in this. Jagdish had lung cancer. He died of cancer, not influenza. Despite this, the Health Department is getting the entire matter investigated.

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