सुंदरनगर की जान्हवी बनी मुख्यमंत्री: 12 जून को बाल विस सत्र, देशभर के 1108 बच्चों में से 68 विधायक चुने, 60 सरकारी स्कूलों से

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Class 10th student of Sundernagar School in Mandi and Child Chief Minister Janhvi - Dainik Bhaskar

Child Chief Minister Jhanvi, a class 10 student at Sundernagar School in Mandi

Jhanvi Bal of Model Senior Secondary School Sundernagar, Himachal Pradesh was elected Chief Minister in the Vidhansabha. Now the child government has to be selected. Himachal Vidhan Sabha Speaker Kuldeep Pathania said that out of 1108 children below the age of 17 years across the country, 68 child legislators have been elected.

Pathania said that on June 12, children will be seen in the role of MLA, Speaker, Minister and Chief Minister. Out of 68 child MLAs, 63 children belong to Himachal Pradesh while five are from outside states. He said that soon the pro tem speaker would be selected, who would administer the oath to the child legislators. After this cabinet formation, leader of opposition and speaker will be selected.

Kuldeep Pathania said that child assembly will be held the day after tomorrow on Prohibition of Child Labour. In this, the child legislators will ask their respective questions to the concerned departments, to which the child minister will answer. Children are the future of the country. Children’s sessions are being organized with the aim of preparing them for the challenges of the future. Its process is going on since April.

Child MLA in Himachal Vidhansabha

Child MLA in Himachal Vidhansabha

Girls sting in child assembly

Forty girls and 18 boys have become child legislators for the session. He told that the session will start at 10.30 am which will continue till 2.30 pm. There will be a question hour of half an hour.

Health and education priority: Janhvi

Child Chief Minister and Class 10 student Jhanvi said that as Chief Minister, her first priority would be that the members of her cabinet should be experienced and educated. Educated people will be given cabinet posts according to their experience. He said that today there is a need to work in the field of education and health. People have to face problems for treatment in hospitals.

Child MLA talking to Assembly Speaker Kuldeep Pathania

Child MLA talking to Assembly Speaker Kuldeep Pathania

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