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An attempt was made to rape an international female footballer from Siwan. The young man told him that you are a great player. I will rob you of your respect. Dragged him to the field. When the women ran after hearing the footballer’s shout, the young man ran away after beating him.

The case is of Mairwa police station area. The 20-year-old female player complained to DM Amit Kumar Pandey on Tuesday evening.

Apart from Bihar, she has played football in many parts of the country. She has gone to America to play Special Olympics. Have won many medals. She is a star full bowler of a sports academy in Siwan itself.

Victim with medal and tricolor in America.

Victim with medal and tricolor in America.

Dragged him to the field, abused him for being a player

The victim female footballer told that the incident took place on Monday evening. She was walking in the village itself. Meanwhile, Bittu Kumar Yadav of the village caught him. Dragged him to the mustard field. Then tried to force. While abusing said that you become more of a player, you will loot the respect.

However, showing courage, he made noise. Hearing the scream, the women around ran towards the farm. Seeing the women of the village coming near, the accused beat her with kicks and punches on her head and chest. Then ran away from there. The accused also threatened to kill the victim while leaving.

DM has assured justice

The aggrieved female player has filed an application to the District Magistrate Amit Kumar Pandey and filed an FIR in the matter, pleading for justice by taking legal action. According to the victim, the District Magistrate has assured her of getting justice. The victim, crying in front of the media, demanded that strict legal action should be taken against the accused and he should be punished.

Siwan DM office victim.

Siwan DM office victim.

Is the youngest of 4 siblings, has big dreams as a player

The victim is a member of the Bihar football team. Has played many times on behalf of Bihar at the national level. The victim is the youngest of her four siblings. His father works as a laborer. Her family has also played a big role in making the victim a player. His father has also cooperated fully.

Football team won bronze in America

The victim lives in the village and practices in a sports academy. Earlier, she had gone to America to participate in the Special Olympics Unified Cup-2022. She was playing on behalf of India Unified Women’s Football Team. Bronze medal was given in this. At the same time, played on behalf of the Bihar State Football Team in Odisha. Apart from this, Rajasthan has also played in the 65th National School Football Championship Tournament 2019-20.

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