सिद्धू की सिक्योरिटी को लेकर बैकफुट पर AAP सरकार: HC से रिव्यू के लिए समय मांगा, बोले- जरूरत होगी तो बढ़ा देंगे

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The AAP government has come on the backfoot regarding the security cut of former Punjab Congress chief Navjot Sidhu. On Friday, Sidhu’s petition in this matter was heard in the High Court. During this, instead of opposing the petition, the AAP government sought time to review it. The government side said that if there is a need for Sidhu’s security, it will be increased further. The next hearing of the matter will be on May 12. In which the government can keep the report of the review.

Navjot Sidhu has recently returned from Patiala Jail after serving one year of imprisonment in the road rage case. Only after that the AAP government reduced his security from Z plus to Y plus. After which he filed a petition in the High Court. Last month, during the hearing on April 28, the High Court had issued a notice to the government seeking its reply.

In his petition, Navjot Sidhu has demanded increased security citing threat to his life. In his petition, Sidhu had clearly stated that he has been receiving death threats. On the other hand, after reaching Sidhu Musewala’s house after leaving the jail, Navjot Singh Sidhu had said that gangster Lawrence had been threatening him publicly. In such a situation, the Punjab government wants to get another Sidhu killed by reducing his security.

Sidhu reached Musewala's house and raised the issue of security.

Sidhu reached Musewala’s house and raised the issue of security.

Only 13 left out of 25 commandos
Navjot Singh Sidhu used to have a total convoy of 25 commandos before going to jail in the road rage case. Not only this, even during the hearing of a case in Ludhiana from jail, Navjot Singh Sidhu refused to go out without security. After this, when Navjot Singh Sidhu came out of jail, his security was reduced from 25 to 13.

Suspicious person seen on the roof of the house
A few days after Sidhu came out of jail, an unidentified suspect wearing a shawl was seen on the terrace of his house in Patiala. In this case, on the statements of Sidhu’s servant, the Patiala police also registered a case against an unknown person. Sidhu has said that there is a threat to his life and in such a situation he has described the security given to him as less.

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