शान से शर्म तक…दास्तान-ए-मुख्तार: 220 दिन… 4 बार की सुनवाई में हुई 32 साल की सजा, कभी CBI ने कर दिया था केस वापस

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Mukhtar Ansari was sentenced to 10 years by the MP/MLA court of Ghazipur. Along with this, a fine of Rs 5 lakh was also imposed. This case of Gangster Act was registered by the police after 2 years of Krishnanand Rai’s murder (2005). The case was based on the arson that followed Rai’s murder and the abduction-murder of businessman Nand Kishore Rungta. Mukhtar’s elder brother Afzal has also been sentenced to four years in prison.

Bahubali was sentenced 4 times in the last 8 months. Now the time period of his total sentence has been 32 years. 220 days ago i.e. on September 22, 2022, the Lucknow bench of Allahabad High Court sentenced Mukhtar to 7 years and the very next day the same Justice Dinesh Kumar Singh sentenced him to 5 years in the gangster case. After 85 days i.e. on 15 December 2022, Mukhtar was sentenced to 10 years in a total of 5 cases including murder of Congress leader Ajay Rai’s elder brother Awadhesh Rai and attack on Additional SP.

Today the fourth time he was sent to jail for 10 years. But today we will tell the story of Mukhtar becoming the biggest mafia of Purvanchal from a common student. Will know every tragic incident, which had created an atmosphere of fear in the entire area of ​​Purvanchal.

  • Before knowing these things, it is necessary to know about Mukhtar’s family. Let’s start with that…

Mukhtar’s family had nothing to do with crime
Mukhtar Ansari’s grandfather Congress leader Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari was with him when Mahatma Gandhi was fighting for the freedom of the country. Mukhtar’s maternal grandfather Brigadier Mohammad Usman was fighting for freedom. After independence, when the proposal to go to Pakistan came, he said, “I have fought for this country, I will die for this country.”

Mukhtar Ansari’s father was such a simple-minded and respectable person that when he contested the municipality elections, the rest of the people withdrew their papers. Despite being from such a prosperous family, Mukhtar chose the world of crime instead of following in the footsteps of the family.

Mukhtar Ansari used to keep private security personnel around him.

Mukhtar Ansari used to keep private security personnel around him.

Entry in Maknu Singh gang
After 1970, the then State Government and the Congress Government at the Center launched various schemes for the welfare of Purvanchal. When the plans came, the contractors also came forward. It is said that where there is a government contract, there will also be bullying. The struggle started to grab these contracts. At that time there were two gangs in Purvanchal. First Maknu Singh’s gang and second Sahib Singh’s gang. Mukhtar was in the Maknu Singh gang along with his college friend Sadhu Singh.

In Saidpur of Mau district, there was a dispute between the two gangs regarding the contract. The name of the most dangerous player of the Sahib Singh gang was Brajesh Singh. Keep in mind that there was no dispute between Brajesh and Mukhtar at that time. But by the year 1990, both of them became thirsty for each other’s blood. Which is still intact today.

Both the gangs started to beat each other
Both Mukhtar and Brajesh were moving forward increasing their gang. Then Tribhuvan Singh joined Brajesh Singh’s gang. Tribhuvan used to be Mukhtar’s enemy at that time. Mukhtar’s enemy became Brajesh’s friend. In this way, along with Tribhuvan, Brajesh also became an enemy of Mukhtar Ansari. This is where the battle for supremacy begins. Whether the contract is of railways or of liquor. Be it kidnapping or murders, both the gangs tried to outdo each other.

There was no direct enmity between Brajesh and Mukhtar.  Being a friend of the enemy, this enmity increased.

There was no direct enmity between Brajesh and Mukhtar. Being a friend of the enemy, this enmity increased.

Murder of Sadhu Singh’s entire family in 1 day
In 1988, Mandi Parishad’s contractor Satchidanand was murdered. The names of Mukhtar and Sadhu Singh came. The police kept searching by writing a case but could not catch him. Meanwhile, Rajendra Singh, who was posted as a constable in Banaras Police Line, was murdered. The names of Mukhtar and Sadhu came again. Brajesh’s blood boiled after this murder.

Sadhu Singh was arrested in the Rajendra murder case. When he was in jail, the wife gave birth to a child. Sadhu reached the hospital to see his child and wife in police custody. A man dressed in police uniform shot and killed the sadhu inside the hospital.

In the evening of the same day, another painful news came to the fore. In Sadhu Singh’s village, 8 members of his family including his mother and brother were killed. It has been discussed that the person who came to the hospital in police uniform was none other than Brajesh Singh.

Mukhtar’s entry in politics
Mukhtar became weak after the death of the monk. To increase muscle power, he decided to contest elections. Political clout was so much that no party could refuse to give ticket. Mukhtar reposed faith in Mayawati and contested from Mau seat on BSP ticket. Mukhtar defeated BJP’s Vijay Pratap Singh by 26 thousand votes. After this victory, Mukhtar’s power and wealth increased tremendously.

Before knowing the further story, have a look at this graphic of information about the cases registered on Mukhtar.

Krishnanand came forward as a challenge
Mohammadabad is a seat of Ghazipur. The seat was held by the Ansari family since 1985. In 2002, BJP leader Krishnanand Rai became an MLA, stopping the invincible chariot of the Ansari family. Rai defeated Mukhtar’s brother Afzal Ansari by 7,772 votes.

Mukhtar Ansari was shocked by this. There are two reasons for this hesitation. Attacked the second to lose the first election. In 2001 Mukhtar’s convoy was attacked. Mukhtar had an apprehension that there might be an attack, so he sat in the back instead of the front car. 3 people sitting in the front car were killed. This attack is seen in connection with Krishnanand Rai.

openly gunned down
On 25 November 2005, MLA Krishnanand went to inaugurate a cricket tournament in a neighboring village in a normal vehicle instead of a bullet proof vehicle. Had just left the program, a silver gray colored SUV parked in front of Bhanwarkol’s Basaniya Pulia.

8 people got down from the SUV and fired AK-47 on MLA Krishnanand Rai’s vehicle. The entire vehicle was strewn with the body. At least 500 rounds of bullets were fired at the incident site. Seven people were killed. When the postmortem took place, 67 bullets were removed from these seven bodies.

Krishnanand Rai had got a bullet proof vehicle, but he was in a normal vehicle when the murder took place.

Krishnanand Rai had got a bullet proof vehicle, but he was in a normal vehicle when the murder took place.

MLA Krishnanand’s brother Ramnarayan Rai was sitting in the rear car. It is said that the killers were saying, “Kill them, these people have troubled my brother a lot.” People tell that this brother was none other than Mukhtar Ansari.

Former block chiefs Shyam Shankar Rai, Ramesh Rai, Akhilesh Rai, Munna Yadav, Sheshnath Patel and Nirbhay Narayan Upadhyay were killed along with Krishnanand Rai. After this massacre, there was a lot of sabotage. There was an uproar. The MLA’s wife Alka Rai filed a case against Mukhtar Ansari, Afzal Ansari, mafia don Munna Bajrangi, Atahar Rehman alias Babu and Sanjeev Maheshwari alias Jeeva. The matter was so high that the police SP was refusing to investigate.

CBI had folded hands
Alka was demanding a CBI inquiry. CBI did not want to take this case. When the pressure increased, he took the case but returned the case after a year. When Alka got the FIR done again, the investigation started.

During the investigation, the only eyewitness Shashikant Rai died mysteriously. People say that Shashikant’s death was not natural but he was murdered. In this way the last hope of justice also ended. Due to lack of evidence, everyone including Mukhtar was acquitted in this case.

The CBI also returned Krishnanand Rai's case.  But Alka did not give up.

The CBI also returned Krishnanand Rai’s case. But Alka did not give up.

Mukhtar Ansari’s nature did not change even after establishing his name in politics. In the year 2009, a big A category contractor Ajay Prakash Singh alias Manna was murdered. The bike-borne miscreants fired AK-47 in broad daylight. The eye witness of this murder was Manna’s accountant Ram Singh Maurya. Seeing the threat to his security, he got a gunner. A year later, on March 19, 2010, Munim Ram Singh Maurya and Gunner Satish were shot dead near the RTO office in Ghazipur. Mukhtar Ansari was made the main accused in this case. Police has completed the investigation. The charge sheet has been filed in the court, soon the punishment will be announced.

Mukhtar Ansari has been lodged in different jails of the country for the last 15 years. The Mukhtar gang spread so much in Mau, Ghazipur, Jaunpur and Banaras that no one else could rise up. Whenever political parties rose to increase their graph in Purvanchal, they chose Mukhtar’s shoulder only. Be it SP or BSP.

  • Now at last let’s see this graphic related to Mukhtar’s family…

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