विमेंस IPL नीलामी पर भड़के हिमाचल के पूर्व CM: शांता कुमार बोले- वुमन प्लेयर्स को बिकी हुई कहना दुर्भाग्यपूर्ण, अनुराग ठाकुर रोकें यह शब्द

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Former Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh and former Union Minister Shanta Kumar has objected to calling the women players of the country sold out. She termed the use of words like bid for women players as unfortunate.

Shanta Kumar said that while reading the news on the first page of the newspaper in the morning, he started thinking something. While thinking, he bowed his head in shame. There was news that in the IPL auction, some daughter of India was sold for the highest amount of 1.5 crore, some daughter was sold for 40 lakh rupees, some daughter was sold very cheap in the auction and some daughter was sold very expensively.

Languages ​​haven’t gone bankrupt yet so that proper words are not found.
Shanta Kumar said that auction is held every year in the same way for IPL games. Players who bring laurels to the country are bought and sold. The truth is that in that sense there is neither an auction nor any buying and selling. In fact, some organization honors a player with a reward for playing.

Shanta Kumar said that institutions compete among themselves to honor good sportspersons, but languages ​​have not become so bankrupt that they cannot find good words for this glorious work. I do not understand why it is written that players are bought and sold in lakhs of crores in the auction.

Anurag should do historical work by taking a decision on the issue
Shanta Kumar said that things are bought and sold. Unfortunately, politicians are sometimes auctioned in India. They are also bought and sold, but it is shameful to use the same words for players. This should not be done at all. Indian players should also oppose the use of these words.

He has made a special request to the Sports Minister of the Government of India, Anurag Thakur, that these words should not be used. Players play for an organization. Some organization honors these players with lakhs of crores for playing. I am sure that Himachal’s youth leader Anurag Thakur will do a historic work by taking a decision on this important issue.

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