लंदन में तिरंगे के अपमान का मामला: NIA की 5 सदस्यीय टीम पहुंच रही ब्रिटेन; अवतार खांडा और खालिस्तानी समर्थकों पर नजर

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The Indian tricolor was insulted in Britain after the action against Waris Punjab De chief Amritpal Singh.  - Dainik Bhaskar

The Indian tricolor was insulted in Britain after the action against Waris Punjab De chief Amritpal Singh.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) is reaching London today to investigate the attack on the Indian High Commission building in Britain after taking action against Khalistani supporter Amritpal Singh in India. NIA’s 5 member team will investigate the insult against the tricolor today. He will be eyeing Amritpal Singh’s handlers Avtar Singh Khanda, Gurcharan Singh and Jasveer Singh.

In fact, on March 19, 2023, an FIR was registered by the Delhi Police against the attack on the Indian High Commission in London. But on March 23, 2023, the matter was taken over by the NIA. The NIA team will reach the Indian High Commission during its visit. There, information like details of the incident that took place on March 19, CCTV footage etc. will be collected.

Apart from this, there will also be a visit to the crime scene and statements of the two employees who were injured will also be taken, apart from the staff of the High Commission.

The NIA is probing the chain of events following the arrest of Amritpal Singh. Including the incident which took place in the UK, a conspiracy hatched by pro-Khalistan groups operating on foreign soil to destabilize Punjab and create unrest in the country.

Apart from Avtar Khanda, a case has been registered against two others.
The Delhi Police’s FIR has named Avtar Singh Khanda, Gurcharan Singh and Jasveer Singh as prime suspects. The Union Home Ministry has handed over the case to the NIA. The investigation done by NIA and various agencies has revealed that Khanda is the brain and handler behind Amritpal. He has links with pro-Khalistan organizations active in various countries.

Khanda is reportedly an asylum seeker in the UK and over the years has developed links with Khalistani terrorists Jagtar Singh Tara and Paramjit Singh Pamma of the Babbar Khalsa International. He is taking the guise of raising issues of human rights violations, but he has been instrumental in radicalising the youth, training them and leading them like Amritpal.

UK incident is not being seen separately from Amritpal
According to senior officials, the incidents in the UK are not an isolated incident, but a result of pro-Khalistan networks being activated in support of Amritpal Singh, who is currently detained under the National Security Act. He is being interrogated for being anti-national and conspiring to create unrest in Punjab.

“The vandalism and violence perpetrated by hardliners in the UK was caused by the police crackdown on Khalistan supporters like Amritpal within the country. The trans-national links are very deep and further investigation will reveal the networks which are operating from Punjab to UK with the covert support of Pakistan ISI. NIA is not directly linking the action against Amritpal Singh and the UK incident, but is also not denying their relationship.

Amritpal’s problems will increase if he has links with terrorists
The direction in which the NIA investigation is progressing, may create difficulties for Amritpal Singh in the coming times. Amritpal Singh will also investigate terrorist Khanda with terrorist organizations after reaching UK. If
If Amritpal Singh’s relationship becomes clear anywhere in it, then the NSA imposed on Amritpal Singh can be converted into Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) at any time.

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