रेसलर्स की मांग- कुश्ती संघ अध्यक्ष इस्तीफा दें: बृजभूषण की गिरफ्तारी भी हो; गहलोत ने पायलट की तुलना कोरोना से की

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30 minutes agoAuthor: Shubhendu Pratap Bhoomandal, News Brief Editor

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Women wrestlers protest against the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) President Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh. The Sports Ministry called the aggrieved players for talks. But the conversation, which lasted for about an hour, remained inconclusive. The wrestlers demand that the Federation be dissolved along with the removal of President Brij Bhushan. More than 200 players have been protesting since January 18 at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar.

Vinesh Phogat said, ‘We have not received a satisfactory answer from the government. We demand that Brij Bhushan Singh resign and he be arrested. Wrestlers have said that if the federation is not dissolved, we will file an FIR against the president on Friday. They have also talked about continuing the protest till their demands are met.

On the other hand, a video of a pre-budget program in Rajasthan surfaced. In this, the state’s CM Ashok Gehlot compared Sachin Pilot to Corona without naming him. Gehlot said, ‘What happened that Corona came first. Then a big corona has come inside our party. A few days ago, Sachin Pilot raised questions on the CM’s clean chit to the officers and leaders regarding the paper leak.

Today’s major events, which will be watched

  1. PM Modi will distribute job appointment letters to 71 thousand youths under the employment fair.

5 big news, which will keep you updated…

1. Wrestler Phogat’s warning, if the daughters come forward and tell what happened to them, then it will be a misfortune for the country

Vinesh Phogat sitting on dharna at Jantar Mantar said – Every single day of ours is precious. Our allegations are true. We should not be forced to come in front of everyone. We are fighting for our honour. We do not want to tell the whole country what has happened to the daughters of the country. The day all the girls tell the media what happened to us, it will be a disaster for wrestling.

At the same time, Bajrang Punia said – The Speaker had said that if you give proof, you will be hanged. Earlier we had two girls with us, now with proof we have 6-7 girls who have been exploited by the Speaker. We will not be satisfied with mere resignation. We want to dissolve the federation. On the other hand, 7 khap panchayats of Haryana have supported the wrestlers. They say that if action is not taken against the WFI president, they will reach Jatnar Mantar.
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2. The car dragged the chairperson of the Delhi Women’s Commission, Maliwal said – Anjali’s fate was about to happen
Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) Chairperson Swati Maliwal was dragged for 15 meters by a drunk car driver. Swati told that when she was taking stock of the situation of women’s safety on the streets of Delhi, a car driver molested her. The driver came to him and insisted on making him sit in his car. When Swati refused, he took the car and went ahead.

But after 10 minutes he again took a U-turn and started walking next to it. When Swati went ahead to catch him, he closed the windows of the car. During this his hand got stuck in the glass, but the accused did not stop, he kept dragging Swati. The accused has been arrested. Swati told that if he had not left me then the same incident would have happened to me as had happened to Anjali.
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3. Gehlot compared Pilot to Corona, said – after Kovid, another big corona came to our party

In the pre-budget meeting in Rajasthan, when the leader of the contract employees said about not meeting the CM, Gehlot interrupted and said – You are right, I have started meeting, had met last Monday. What happened that Corona came first? Again a big corona has come inside our party. Before Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Rajasthan, Gehlot had called Pilot a traitor.

Sachin Pilot is attacking the government in his meetings regarding the paper leak. Papers for REET, Senior Teacher Recruitment and Constable Recruitment have been leaked in the state. The pilot had said – When no leader or officer is responsible, then how did the paper come out from the vault, it was a witchcraft, someone must be responsible? The CM had a pre-budget meeting shortly after this statement.
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4. The flight took off 5 hours before the scheduled time, 35 people going to Singapore were left out due to change in timing
Flight going to Singapore from Amritsar airport left leaving 35 passengers. The flight of Scoot airline took off 5 hours before the scheduled time. The airline said that passengers were mailed regarding the change in flight timings. Some passengers did not check their mail and could not reach on time. Those who reached on time, the flight took them away.

Earlier on January 10, a GoFirst flight from Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru to Delhi had left leaving 50 passengers behind. A total of four buses were dispatched to take the passengers to the plane, but the first two were overtaken. The passengers of the remaining two buses remained standing at the airport. Four hours after the mistake, the passengers left at the airport were sent to Delhi by another flight.
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5. Bad propaganda of PM Modi in BBC documentary, British PM said – does not agree with the documentary
BBC has made a documentary named ‘The Modi Question’ on the political journey of PM Modi. The Government of India has termed BBC’s documentary on Gujarat riots as propaganda against PM Modi and the country. The Center had removed it from YouTube on Wednesday. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said in a media briefing – We do not know what is the agenda behind the documentary, but it is not fair.

Bagchi said that the documentary does not have facts, it is driven by colonial mindset. On the other hand, the British Parliament discussed the BBC documentary. Pakistani-origin MP Imran Hussain asked British PM Rishi Sunak – what do you have to say on Modi’s role in the riots? On this Sunak said – I do not agree at all with the way Prime Minister Modi has been shown in the BBC documentary.
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Some important news in the headline…

  1. PM started projects worth 38,800 crores in Maharashtra: Said- New India has big dreams and has the courage to make them come true (Read full news)
  2. Air travel will be cheaper: NASA and Boeing are making fuel saving plane, it will have extra long wings (Read full news)
  3. Saudi will not give bailout to PAK: Finance Minister said – We have changed the way, now we will not give loan unconditionally (Read full news)
  4. Demolition work continues in Joshimath: PWD guest house demolished with the help of JCB; CM Dhami said – 70% people’s life is normal here (Read full news)
  5. Tonga’s volcano’s shockwaves reached the Atlantic: 18 thousand KM away were recorded in sea seismometers, data will be useful for further research (Read full news)

News but something different…
The Wales team came to play the World Cup by raising funds, some scientist and some teacher reached the World Cup for the first time by playing part-time hockey.

In his last pool match of the Hockey World Cup India beat Wales 4-2, Wales qualifying for this tournament is a big success story in itself. The reason is that there is a scientist in the team of Wells, and there is an engineer. Some school teachers are also part of the team. That is, most of the players do jobs and play part-time hockey. To meet the expenses of the game, all the players of the team contribute 1-1 thousand pounds (about 1-1 lakh rupees) every year.

All of them had qualified the team for the World Cup with their passion and skill, but the team did not have the money to come to India. He has traveled from Wales to Bhubaneshwar by mixing his own money and collecting donations. The Wales team appealed to the people of their country for help. It was decided to come to India by raising funds through crowd funding
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