येदियुरप्पा बोले- नेताओं के पार्टी छोड़ने का फर्क नहीं पड़ेगा: कहा- वरिष्ठ नेताओं ने कांग्रेस जॉइन की, इसकी उम्मीद तो नहीं थी

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BS Yeddyurappa, who was CM for 4 times in Karnataka, is holding the election command. This time he is not the CM candidate, but he is the pivot of the election. In a special conversation with Bhaskar at his residence in Bengaluru, the 81-year-old Yeddi is double energetic when it comes to the double engine government. Retiring from electoral politics, he does not mince words on questions related to caste and religion, but speaks openly. Yes, don’t forget to add praise of Modi-Shah with every answer.

The process of BJP leaders leaving the party did not stop. Did Yeddi have any idea about this?… In response to this, Yeddi says, ‘Three-four senior leaders have joined the Congress. There was no such expectation. The departure of some people makes little difference at some places, but overall the party is not going to suffer any loss at the state level.

Read edited excerpts of the conversation…

1. The rebels probably hope to form the Congress government, is that why they are going there?
This is not going to happen.

2. After the announcement of retirement, the entire BJP is running after you, what magic did you do?
I am grateful to Modi ji, Nadda ji, Amit Shah ji for keeping me in the parliamentary board. Modi ji is my role model. I am 81 years old, cannot retire till the party gets majority.

3. You resigned then on any condition?
No, there was no condition. Decided myself.

4. But, you announced your retirement just before the elections, why so?
It should not be seen like this.

5. Were you worried about anything?
No, there was no dispute.

6. There is your government in the state, but Modi factor is the only support in the elections, why so?
Modi ji is the biggest leader of the world, Modi government’s policies have given relief to every man. In Karnataka also 99% people are happy with the schemes of our government.

7. Sweeps the state in the Lok Sabha elections, but the car gets stuck in the Vidhansabha, why?
I have visited the whole state. I am going again You will see the difference this time.

8. Do you think new faces should get a chance in politics?
101% correct. New faces, youth must get a chance. We have given tickets to many youths.

9. BJP wanted to field more new faces here like in Gujarat, but you were adamant on not cutting the ticket?
This is not correct. The decision of the High Command is final. I am also in the election committee. Those who deserve to win are being given tickets.

10. You are being accused of promoting son Vijayendra, isn’t this familyism?
Vijayendra has been the vice-president of the BJP for a long time. He is in charge of many fronts. He has attraction among the youth of the entire state. Seeing all this, the party has given him a ticket on my seat. He will win by more than 50 thousand votes.

11. The BJP has been accusing the Congress of dynasty politics regarding Rahul Gandhi.
I never said any such thing. I am not like that. This comparison would not be fair.

12. You are repeatedly presented as a Lingayat leader, what about other castes?
I am not a leader of any one community, I work for all societies. I have equal respect in SC, ST, OBC, Vokkaliga. I never said a word against Muslims also.

13. But, the leaders of your party speak a lot against Muslims.
I neither support nor like such rhetoric, and will not. Hindu-Muslim-Christian are all children of one mother. The way Modi is taking all classes along, we should also do the same.

14. Hijab controversy started from Karnataka only?
It’s not all right. I have never been in favor of such things. Hindu-Muslim should live like one family.

15. It is being said that after the Lok Sabha elections, the party will sideline you again?
The question doesn’t even arise. Now I am 81 years old, not only this election, I will ensure the victory of the party in the next election. We had won 25 out of 28 seats in the Lok Sabha. This time also Karnataka will gift more than 24-25 seats to Modi ji. No party has a dedicated cadre like ours.

16. If you don’t get the majority, will you bring JDS along?
Will get absolute majority.

17. Are the internal surveys of the party saying something else?
It’s all lies, leave it. We are going to form the government again 100%

18. There has never been a government repeat in Karnataka
We are going to form the government again 100%…

19. Governance has been a major issue. We have seen the scenes of floods in Bengaluru, people had to be pulled out by tractors, won’t this become a problem for you in the elections?
I was the CM at that time. Be it Kovid or flood, the way Karnataka government has acted in disaster, the decisions taken by us have not happened anywhere, people have been satisfied and happy with our decisions.

20. But, in Kovid, you had to change the health minister? Everything was fine so why did this happen?
No-no, he was working day and night. He himself asked to change the department.

21. Your CM has got the titles of Pay CM and 40% commission government?
These are all false allegations, there is no substance in them, we ourselves are complaining about the corruption of former Congress CM Siddaramaiah to the Lokayukta.

22. The government was not repeated in Karnataka?
we’re going to do it 100%

23. But on what basis will we be able to do this?
We are starting the tour of the entire state, you will see the change in 15-20 days. This time we are going to get 65-70% votes of SC ST also.

24. If people are so happy with Bommai government, will he get a chance to become CM again?
After the elections, the Legislature Party will decide who will be the Chief Minister, I do not have the right to decide.

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