मोहाली में कश्मीरी छात्रों पर हमला,VIDEO: कॉलेज में फ्रेशर पार्टी के दौरान आउटसाइडर्स ने पीटा, सीढ़ी से छलांग लगाकर बचाई जान

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Kashmiri students were brutally attacked and injured by some youths at Doaba College, Kharar, Mohali in Punjab. The attackers came with their faces covered and were armed with rods, knives, sticks and swords. Fresher’s party was going on in the engineering college last afternoon. During this Kashmiri students were dancing. Meanwhile, some outsiders reached there and started a ruckus.

At the same time, he also allegedly misbehaved with the teachers. When Kashmiri students came forward to stop them, the outsiders attacked them and fled. After this he came again and entered the mess and attacked. A Kashmiri student suffered a serious head injury in the incident. His friends took him to a private hospital.

A Kashmiri student's head was severed in the attack.

A Kashmiri student’s head was severed in the attack.

When asked for identity card, he got furious
This party took place on last Friday night. According to the police, some outsiders had entered the college party. Here the teacher told the outsiders not to disturb the Kashmiri students who were dancing. Meanwhile, a group of outsiders got angry and started abusing the teachers. They came to the rescue of the teachers and attacked the other group members. Outsiders were enraged on showing the identity card.

attacked in the mess
According to the information, this attack took place in the mess built in the college. Two injured in the attack were taken to the hospital. Kashmiri youths attacked with sticks and sharp weapons. Kashmiri students told that they were having food in the mess when around a dozen attackers attacked them with swords, rods and sticks. The injured Kashmiri students are said to be of first and second year. When they were being attacked, no one came to save them.

An injured Kashmiri student being taken to the hospital by his friends.

An injured Kashmiri student being taken to the hospital by his friends.

faces were covered
Injured Kashmiri student Faizal Rasool told that he studies in Doaba College. He was having food in the mess when 10 to 12 youths came there whose faces were covered. They had knives, swords, sticks and rods. The attackers started attacking them as soon as they arrived. Faizal told that when the sword was about to hit him, he jumped out of the stairs of the mess into the garden. In such a situation, his leg was broken. Faizal told that he was shouting, but no guard came to save him.

Another injured Kashmiri student said that during the first party, when he was dancing on the stage, outsiders came and started arguing and fighting. After that he came again and attacked. The youth has a head injury. Police has started the investigation of the matter.

one arrested
Acting on the complaint, the police station has arrested one of the attackers. Kharar (Sadar) police station SHO Bhagatveer Singh said that the rest of the attackers are being searched. The police have registered a case under sections of attempt to murder and rioting with weapons.

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