मॉस्को-गोवा फ्लाइट में बम नहीं मिला, 10 घंटे तलाशी हुई: जामनगर एयरपोर्ट पर रातभर रही अफरा-तफरी, सुबह गोवा रवाना हुई फ्लाइट

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Jamnagarone day before

Russian airline AZUR flight coming from Moscow to Goa has reached Panaji.

A bomb was reported on Monday night in the flight of Russian airline AZUR coming from Moscow to Goa. The NSG team, which arrived late at night, searched the flight, passengers and crew members’ luggage for 10 hours, but neither the bomb nor anything suspicious was found in the search. The news of the bomb turned out to be false. According to media reports, the flight reached Panaji in Goa on Tuesday afternoon.

After receiving the news of the bomb in the flight, the flight was made an emergency landing in Jamnagar, Gujarat. Due to this, there was chaos at Jamnagar airport throughout the night. Bomb Disposal Squad, Gujarat Police and Fire Brigade had reached the airport as soon as the information was received. 244 passengers and crew members were offloaded from the flight. Since then he was waiting at the airport.

Passengers had to wait at Jamnagar airport itself.  Everyone's luggage and the entire plane were checked.

Passengers had to wait at Jamnagar airport itself. Everyone’s luggage and the entire plane were checked.

First of all know what is the matter… when did you get the information
The flight took off from Moscow for Goa at 12.30 pm on Monday. Around 9:30 pm, there was news of a bomb in the flight. By the time the flight had entered Indian air space. Security agencies came on alert as soon as this information was received. After this it was decided to land the flight at the nearest airport Jamnagar. The flight landed 20 minutes later at 9:50 pm. By 10 o’clock all the passengers were safely taken off the plane. The flight was to reach Goa at 11 pm.

Goa ATC receives threat mail
The Goa Air Traffic Control was informed through mail about the presence of a bomb in the aircraft. However, till now it is not known who had sent the mail and why. There were 236 passengers on this AZUR flight, all of whom are Russian citizens.

nothing suspicious found
Officials said that the luggage and flight of passengers and crew members have been checked several times. Nothing suspicious has been found. At the same time, when the news of the bomb was received in the flight, the security was also increased at the airport.

Gujarat Police was also present on the spot, police forces were deployed throughout the airport.

Gujarat Police was also present on the spot, police forces were deployed throughout the airport.

Russian Embassy issued a statement
Russia said, ‘We have received news from India that there has been news of a bomb on a flight going from Moscow to Goa, all passengers are safe.’ Russian Airlines Azur Air issued a statement saying that after receiving the news of the bomb in the flight, emergency landing has been done. Any further decision will be taken only after the investigation.

On the other hand, SP Jamnagar told that all the passengers and crew members are safe. All are at the airport, arrangements have been made for their breakfast. At the same time, on calling the NSG team for flight checking, they told that it is an international flight, in such cases the SOP for checking with the NSG team remains. The flight will be able to leave from here only after getting the NOC from the NSG team.

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