मुंबई पुलिस को 3 आतंकवादियों के घुसने की मिली सूचना: जांच में फर्जी अफवाह होने का खुलासा, आरोपी गिरफ्तार; अपने चचेरे भाई को फंसाना चाहता था

Mumbai24 minutes ago

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The person who spread fake rumors about terrorists entering Mumbai has been arrested. According to the Nashik unit of the ATS, the 47-year-old businessman had called the police claiming that three terrorists linked to Pakistan had entered Mumbai.

Police officials said that the name of the accused who spread the rumor is Yasin Yakub Sayyed. He lives in Ahmednagar. The accused has a dispute with his relatives regarding the property. For this reason, the accused had spread this rumor to harass his nephew.

Now read what is the whole matter?

Accused Yasin was having a land dispute with his cousin Mujeeb. To implicate Mujeeb, the accused called up the police control. Told the police that terrorists have entered Mumbai. The name of one of them is Mujeeb Sayyed. The accused also gave Mujeeb’s car and mobile number to the police.

ATS team reached Ahmednagar as soon as information was received

As soon as the information about the case was received, the ATS started investigating. Where did the officers first find out from where the call was made? As the investigation progressed, it was found that the information about the terrorists’ entry was given by Yasin from Ahmednagar. When he was caught and interrogated, he confessed to being a fake rumour.

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