मणिपुर में 2 और लड़कियों से गैंगरेप: दोनों की हत्या की गई; चश्मदीद ने कहा- भीड़ के साथ आई महिलाओं ने रेप के लिए उकसाया

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Thousands of people dressed in black turned out to protest in Manipur's Churachandpur on Friday after a video of two women being paraded naked surfaced.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Thousands of people dressed in black turned out to protest in Manipur’s Churachandpur on Friday after a video of two women being paraded naked surfaced.

On May 4 in Manipur, two women were stripped naked and paraded on the road by a mob. Two other girls were raped and murdered the same day. The incident took place in Kangpokpi district’s Konung Mamang area, 40 km from the other incident site.

A person who worked with the victims told that one girl was 21 and the other was 24 years old. Both used to work in the garage. That day women also came in the crowd. It was the women who had asked the men present in the crowd to rape them.

After this he took the girls to the room. Turned off the light. A cloth was tied over his mouth. After an hour and a half, he was dragged out. There were no clothes on his body. She was covered in blood. His hair was also cut.

On Friday, women took out a torch march against violence in Kakching district of Manipur.

On Friday, women took out a torch march against violence in Kakching district of Manipur.

Zero FIR was registered on 16 May
Dainik Bhaskar’s reporter spoke to the mother of one of the two girls. He told that on May 16, he had lodged zero FIR at Saikul police station. Due to being scared, did not dare to register the report earlier. Later, when the atmosphere calmed down a bit, the report was lodged.

The bodies of the victim girls have not yet been found by the police.
According to the FIR, both the girls were raped, tortured and later brutally murdered. There is mention of 100-200 people being present in this incident. The case has now been transferred to Porompat police station. Police have not yet found the bodies of the victims.

Manipur Police said that no arrest has been made in this case so far.

On July 19, the video of women being paraded naked went viral

This photo is taken from the video of women being paraded naked.  We didn't put the women's part.  This crowd belongs to the accused.

This photo is taken from the video of women being paraded naked. We didn’t put the women’s part. This crowd belongs to the accused.

On May 4 itself, the incident of two women being paraded naked took place in Thoubal district. Its video went viral on social media on 19 July. It is seen in the video that some people took away the two women naked and did obscene acts with them.

The husband of a victim woman told- ‘A mob of thousand people had attacked the village. I could not save my wife and villagers from the mob. Even the policemen did not give us security. The mob continued to commit atrocities for three hours. My wife somehow took shelter in a village.

At the same time, the mother of the other woman seen in the video said- ‘Now we will never return to our village. There my little boy was shot dead, my daughter was put to shame. Now everything is over for me.

So far 5 accused have been arrested in the case of making women naked
So far five accused have been arrested in connection with the stripping of two women in Manipur. On July 21, the 4 accused arrested were produced in the court. He has been sent to police custody for 11 days. Read full news…

6 thousand FIRs were registered in 2 months
From May 3 to June 28, 5,960 FIRs were registered in Manipur. Of these, 1,771 cases were registered as zero FIRs. One-third of these cases were related to harassment of women. According to NCRB data, 2,830 FIRs were registered in Manipur in 2019, 2,349 in 2020 and 2,484 in 2021.

At the same time, in May-June this year only about 6 thousand cases were registered. State Chief Minister N. Biren Singh himself has admitted that thousands of FIRs have been registered in various police stations of the state during the violence.

Due to caste violence, people are not going to each other’s area to register FIR. Zero FIRs are also being registered in Delhi, Aizawl and Guwahati.

Mamta asked BJP – where is the slogan ‘Save daughter’?
West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee targeted the Modi government on Friday (July 21). He said- You had given the slogan of ‘Beti Bachao’, where is your slogan now. Today Manipur is burning, the whole country is burning. You point fingers at West Bengal, but don’t you have love for sisters and mothers? Till when daughters will be burnt?

Prime Minister Modi had expressed grief over the incident in Manipur before the start of the monsoon session of Parliament.

Prime Minister Modi had expressed grief over the incident in Manipur before the start of the monsoon session of Parliament.

Uproar in Parliament on the second day as well
Opposition parties created ruckus on Friday (July 21) on the second day of the Parliament session over the Manipur violence. Due to this, the proceedings of the House were interrupted. Both houses were adjourned till 24 July. In the Lok Sabha, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that the government is ready to discuss.

Opposition parties, including the Congress, had given notices of discussion in both the Houses.

Know in 4 points what is the reason for Manipur violence…

The population of Manipur is about 38 lakhs. There are three major communities here – Meitei, Naga and Kuki. Meitei are mostly Hindu. The Nga-Kuki follow Christianity. Belongs to ST category. Their population is about 50%. The Meitei community is dominant in the Imphal Valley, which covers about 10% of the state’s area. The population of Naga-Kuki is about 34 percent. These people live in about 90% of the state’s area.

How the controversy started: The Meitei community is demanding that they too be given tribe status. The community petitioned the Manipur High Court for this. The community argued that Manipur had merged with India in 1949. Before that they had got the status of tribe only. After this, the High Court recommended to the state government that Meitei be included in the Scheduled Tribes (ST).

What is Meitei’s argument: The Meitei tribe believe that years ago their kings called Kukis from Myanmar to fight a war. After that they became permanent residents. These people cut the forest for employment and started cultivating opium. This has made Manipur a triangle of drug smuggling. All this is happening openly. He formed an arms group to fight the Naga people.

Why the Naga-Kukis are in opposition: The remaining two tribes are against giving reservation to the Meitei community. They say that 40 of the state’s 60 assembly seats are already in the Meitei-dominated Imphal Valley. In such a situation, by getting reservation for Meitei in the ST category, their rights will be divided.

What are political equations: Out of 60 MLAs of Manipur, 40 MLAs are Meitei and 20 MLAs are from Naga-Kuki tribe. So far only two out of 12 CMs have been from the tribe.

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‘We were in the police car. I thought he would save us. A crowd of Meitei boys surrounded the car. He said – If you want to stay alive, then take off your clothes. We looked at the policemen for help, they turned away. Then we took off our clothes….’. This is what the 21 year old victim has to say. Read full news…

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