भाजपा नेता बोले-सीता का जीवन तलाकशुदा जैसा: MP में शिक्षा मंत्री ने कहा- धरती फटी और माता समा गईं, ये आत्महत्या जैसा

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Madhya Pradesh Higher Education Minister Mohan Yadav. – file photo

Madhya Pradesh’s Higher Education Minister Mohan Yadav compared the life of Mother Sita to the life of a divorcee. Mohan Yadav was speaking at the Karsevak Samman function at Nagda in Ujjain on Sunday. The minister said that Ram had to leave Sita because of decency. She gave birth to children in the forest. Despite suffering, she continued to wish Ram well. In today’s era, this life is like life after divorce.

If you throw someone out of the house then what is this… read the full statement of the education minister

Minister Mohan Yadav said, Mother Sita, who was brought by Ram after such a big war, had to leave her because of the dignity of the state even though she was pregnant. The children of that mother Sita have to be born in the forest, despite so much suffering, that mother has so much respect for her husband that she forgets the hardships and wishes for Lord Rama’s life. To tell the qualities of Lord Rama, he also gave rituals to the children. Usually if today is the time, then consider it as life after divorce. Throw someone out of the house, so what else is this? Even after such suffering, how good are the rituals that Luv-Kush reminded Ram again of Ramayana.

leaving the body is considered as suicide

If it is said in good language, then the earth split, then the mother got absorbed in it. In simple and official language, his wife left her body in front of him. Leaving the body is considered as suicide, but how would Lord Rama have spent his life in spite of so much suffering, without whom it is difficult to imagine even a single moment of Sita, but even then Lord Rama spent his life talking about Rama Rajya. Gave. If we move forward, even Lord Laxman sacrificed his life in front of them, yet Ramrajya continued.

District union driver Tarachand Tanwar, Ramesh Chaudhary representing kar sevaks, BJP district president Bahadur Singh Bor Mundla were also present in the program along with Higher Education Minister.

District union driver Tarachand Tanwar, Ramesh Chaudhary representing kar sevaks, BJP district president Bahadur Singh Bor Mundla were also present in the program along with Higher Education Minister.

The minister went to the Karsevak felicitation ceremony

Mohan Yadav was the chief guest at the felicitation ceremony of Kar Sevaks of Nagda-Khachraud area. He honored 94 kar sevaks on behalf of Vande Mataram Group. Many of them have passed away. Civil felicitation and certificates were presented to his family members.

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College students will read about Ram in MP

Now BA first year students in Madhya Pradesh will study about Lord Shri Ram. The Higher Education Department has prepared a syllabus named ‘Pragmatic Philosophy of Ramcharitmanas’. Its paper will be of 100 marks. It has been placed in the subject of philosophy. It will not be mandatory for all but will be optional. Read full news…

Former minister’s tweet regarding Bharat Jodo Yatra

Former minister and MLA Jeetu Patwari (file photo)

Former minister and MLA Jeetu Patwari (file photo)

A former minister tweeted in Indore regarding the Bharat Jodo Yatra. He did this tweet on Monday. In the form of a video, he thanked the people of MP for the Bharat Jodo Yatra, as well as told many things to the people of MP while connecting with Ramayana. Read full news…

The minister said – hang him at the crossroads; they have no human rights

On the statement of Madhya Pradesh Tourism Minister Usha Thakur, Leader of Opposition Dr. Govind Singh termed Madhya Pradesh government as Talibani. He even said that Usha Thakur has brought training from the Taliban. Minister Usha Thakur had said in a program in Mhow – The accused commits rape in the society, but he is punished in the four walls of the jail. By doing this, there is no fear among other criminals. Such people should be hanged at the crossroads. The last rites of the rapists should also not be performed. Eagles and crows eat their dead bodies by scratching them. This will deter other criminals from committing such a crime. Culture Minister Usha Thakur reached Kodaria village of Mhow on Sunday. Click here to read the full news…

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