बर्फीली दीवारों के बीच से गुजरती बस, VIDEO: हिमाचल का रिकांगपिओ-पूह रूट बहाल; सड़क पर फिसलन स्किड होने का खतरा, सफर रोमांच से भरा

Shimla22 minutes ago

There are many places in Himachal where a path is made by cutting snow. The Reckong Peo-Pooh road in Kinnaur district also received heavy snowfall in the past days. Now this route has been restored. To restore this route, walls of ice had to be cut. In the midst of this, now the movement of vehicles has started, the video of which has surfaced.

Buses ply on Reckong Peo-Pooh route
The Reckong Peo-Pooh route of the Himachal Road Transport Corporation has now been restored. In such a situation, the passengers traveling on this route have got relief to a great extent. HRTC bus going on Pooh route goes via Via Ropa. It departs Reckong Peo at 6 in the morning on the Pooh route and returns at 2 in the afternoon.

These days, everyday is a journey full of drama.
Local resident Sunesh Kumar says that everyday is a journey full of adventure for us. These days the bus passes through the wall of ice. He says that there is also a lot of slippage on the ice, due to which there is a danger of skidding of vehicles.

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