बच्चे की सिर काटकर हत्या में तंत्र-मंत्र की आशंका: दिल्ली से अगवा करके मेरठ लाया, सिर और एक हाथ काटा, बॉडी जलाई

Meerutone day before

A new revelation has come to light in the case of a child kidnapped from Delhi being found beheaded in Meerut. According to police sources, it is being investigated from the angle of murder for tantra-mantra.

The dead body of a 10-year-old child was found in Meerut on Tuesday morning. The head and one hand were chopped off. An attempt was also made to burn it. The dogs were scratching him. People informed the police. The dead body was identified after 4 hours. The child was a human resident of Preet Vihar, Delhi. Neighbor Deepak had abducted him and brought him to Meerut. Then after killing, the dead body was thrown in the field.

On the information of Meerut police, Delhi police reached Meerut with the accused. After the identification of the accused, the body was sent for postmortem. As soon as Manav’s family came to know about this. They reached the accused’s house late at night to take revenge from his family.

When the police tried to stop, the relatives pelted stones at that too and blocked the road. They broke the glasses of many vehicles passing by. Seeing the situation worsening, the police force was called from the nearby police stations. After a ruckus that lasted for about 4 hours, the police somehow persuaded the family and removed them from the road.

Police disclosed blind murder

The headless dead body of a child was found in Nangliisha of Meerut.

The headless dead body of a child was found in Nangliisha of Meerut.

Manav of Delhi went missing on 30 November
Manav lived with his family in the slums of Preet Vihar. The father is a rickshaw puller while the mother cleans the houses. On November 30, Manav went missing while playing outside the house. The family searched for him a lot. A missing report was lodged at Preet Vihar police station in Delhi.

Delhi Police brought the accused to Meerut to identify the dead body

Delhi Police brought the accused to Meerut to identify the dead body

Deepak was arrested by the police on 5 December
In this connection, the police had arrested Manav’s neighbor Deepak on December 5. He was being interrogated. On Tuesday, as soon as the Delhi Police got information that the body of a child had been found in Meerut, the police strictly questioned it. After this Deepak confessed his crime. He told the police that he was the one who had kidnapped Manav. Reached Meerut by train on the night of 2 December with him.

Manav was killed on December 3
From here he took Manav to his relative’s place. On the night of December 3, he killed Manav. After this, the body was dumped in the sugarcane field at Nangliisha. Deepak has also talked about drinking alcohol during the incident. After this, he reached Preet Vihar area on the night of 5 December. From where the police arrested him. The victim’s family suspects that a human has been sacrificed.

The police also reached the spot along with the child’s father. After seeing the dead body, the father said that if the police had been serious earlier, the child’s life might have been saved. At present, the concrete reason for the murder is not clear. The killing of a child in Meerut, about 80-90 kilometers away from Delhi, beheading him, burning the child’s clothes is raising many questions. The police is also accepting the affair of tantra-mantra.

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