फीचर आर्टिकल: जानिए कैसे फ्लिपकार्ट के विशमास्टर्स भारत के 100% सर्विसेबल पिन कोड में खुशियां डिलीवर करते हैं

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  • Learn how Flipkart’s Wishmasters bring joy to 100% serviceable pin codes in India

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With a strong and vast supply chain, Flipkart ensures access, convenience and opportunities for growth even to the remotest parts of the country. Be it delivering customers’ favorite products at affordable prices to their doorsteps or supporting local communities Be it providing employment opportunities, e-commerce through Flipkart plays an important role in bringing unprecedented change in the lives of millions of people across the country.

In cities, towns and villages across India, irrespective of geographical, natural or seasonal barriers, Flipkart’s Wishmasters deliver delight, accessibility and convenience. Flipkart is creating new opportunities in Jaisalmer, located in the middle of the world’s 20th largest Thar desert

Thar is the 20th largest desert in the world and the city of Jaisalmer is almost entirely situated on this desert. It is also called the Golden City of India because of the havelis made of golden yellow stones amidst the golden sand.

Flipkart’s Wishmasters deliver over 800 orders daily in Jaisalmer and its nearby remote areas. The task is not an easy one as delivery routes include sand dunes and remote areas with obscure addresses. But this is where the in-depth geographical and local knowledge of Flipkart Wishmasters comes in handy, and they ensure that products are delivered to people even outside the city limits.

The vibrant digital marketplace powered by #BuiltForIndia technology is making happiness accessible to even the remotest parts of the country and playing a pivotal role in empowering underprivileged communities.

Until recently, people in settlements outside the city limits and away from the bustling markets of the city had limited access to a few essential commodities. But things are changing with the power and reach of e-commerce. Aruna Kumari, who lives in one such village, says that the market is far away from her village, but now because of Flipkart, she gets everything she needs at home.

As the city grows, it becomes more imperative for its residents to have everything close to them. However, finding an address and delivering goods in these barren rocky terrains is not at all easy. This arid region is one of the hottest places in India – the Jaisalmer border outpost has recorded a temperature of 52.4°C in recent days.

Sunil Kumar, a Wishmaster at Flipkart Hub in Jaisalmer says, “We work hard in this difficult terrain to ensure that our customers are not disappointed.

Kamal Kishore, another Flipkart Wishmaster, says sometimes you get an incomplete address, sometimes just a name and colony. Sometimes delivery is outside the city limits. But we do our best to deliver the orders.

Jaisalmer’s Flipkart Hub Executive Sheetal Sharma explains – Jaisalmer is a small hub for Flipkart, but plays a very important role.

“People in this part of the country did not have access to many products earlier. Flipkart has opened up a whole new world for all,” says Kamal.

Through e-commerce and Flipkart, India’s small sellers and businesses are also able to connect with customers across the country.

“We connect these small remote villages to the rest of the country, and we go a step ahead to meet their needs,” explains Sheetal Sharma.

Flipkart’s hub in Jaisalmer has a team of 15 to 18 people who deliver 700 to 800 orders a day. This includes our brave soldiers deployed along the country’s 464 km long border and to whom Flipkart’s Wishmaster takes pride in delivering orders.

Flipkart provides significant employment opportunities to the local community E-commerce has not only enabled access to products and convenience, but it has also brought with it opportunities for many people in the local community.

Flipkart’s Wishmaster Sunil tells his story – “My father passed away during COVID-19. Suddenly the responsibility of the whole family fell on me and my twin brother. That’s when I got a job in Flipkart and our financial condition became much better.

Not only Sunil, Kamal also thanks Flipkart, saying that this job has helped him make his family financially strong again. Kamal says that he was studying in Jaipur during the Covid pandemic, his father is a laborer and his work came to a standstill as his health deteriorated. Kamal had to leave his studies and come to Jaisalmer. After getting a job in Flipkart, Kamal started his younger brother’s shop and got another younger brother to resume his studies.

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