फतेहाबाद में बेकाबू खच्चर का आतंक: ब्यूटीशियन को टक्कर मार गिराया, लोग बचाने दौड़े तो मुंह में दबोचकर घसीटता ले गया

Fatehabad5 hours ago

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A rabid mule attacked a woman in Ratia area of ​​Fatehabad, Haryana. The woman has suffered serious injuries. The people passing by with great difficulty saved the woman from death. In fact, the mule ran away after catching the woman in the mouth. The entire incident has been captured in CCTV footage.

Woman working in beauty parlor
The case pertains to Shakti Nagar area of ​​Ratia. A woman working in a beauty parlor was passing through a square. There is already a mule roaming around. CCTV footage shows a mule standing in a street in Shaktinagar and two women pass by it. The mule moves forward at high speed and then kills the one coming from the front and puts it down. Also attacks him.

While attacking a woman in Ratia, a mule and people ran to save her.

While attacking a woman in Ratia, a mule and people ran to save her.

The mule started dragging the woman by holding her
Seeing the woman trapped, people passing by run to save her. The mule grabs the woman in her mouth and drags her away. Grabbing the woman in the mouth, she shakes her badly by making her fall down. When people make noise, he leaves the woman at some distance.

Woman hurt, admitted to hospital
The woman was badly injured in the mule attack. He was admitted to a private hospital. The woman told that she runs a beauty parlor and had left home to go to her parlour. On the other hand, people expressed anger after this incident and said that a large number of stray animals are roaming in the city, which attack people.

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