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  • Urination controversy in Air India flight; Crew email to the CEO, and senior executives

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A new revelation has come to light in the case of a co-passenger urinating on a female passenger on November 26 in an Air India flight. The top management of Air India came to know about this on the day of the incident itself. Whereas, he has been claiming that the crew was not informed about the incident. Whereas, on the same day, the crew informed the entire incident to all the officers including the CEO by email.

First of all know what is the matter
On November 26 last year, in an Air India flight coming from New York to New Delhi, a female passenger named Shankar Mishra had urinated drunk. Air India crew had let the accused go without taking any action.

how did the incident unfold
The incident came to light when the victim woman approached Tata Group Chairman N. Wrote a letter to Chandrasekaran. The woman wrote in the letter that she did not want to sit on the dirty seat. So he was given another seat. After an hour he was asked to return to his seat. His seat was covered with sheets, but there was a foul smell of urine.

The woman alleges that she was not given another cabin seat despite several business class seats being vacant. The crew sprayed disinfectant there, but the woman protested to take the same seat, then she was given another seat.

what did air india say
Air India’s top management had earlier claimed that they were not informed by the crew about the incident after the flight landed. That is why the accused Shankar Mishra left from there without taking any action.

Air India CEO Campbell Wilson had said that the airline has formed an internal committee to look into the lapses of its crew and plug the gaps.

what happened now
During investigation, it was found that Air India’s Cabin Crew Supervisor had informed about the incident by sending an email to Head of Inflight Service Department, Base Operations in India, Lead HR Head of IAFSD, around 1 pm on 27 November, to which he replied The pass arrived at 3.47 a.m. the same day, with “OK, Noted” written on it.

The same day at 7.46 pm the information was conveyed by email addressed to the head of the ground handling department and the heads of customer service and inflight services. It is also learned that the victim’s son-in-law had mailed a complaint to CEO Wilson the same evening, who in turn forwarded it to the Head of Customer Care for action.

The chairman of Tata Sons had accepted the mistake.

The chairman of Tata Sons had accepted the mistake.

action on airline
The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has imposed a fine of Rs 30 lakh on the airline. The aviation regulator has also suspended the license of the pilot-in-command of the flight for three months. The license of the Pilot-in-Command has been suspended for a period of three months for not discharging his responsibility as per Rule 141 of the Aircraft Rules, 1937 and applicable DGCA civil aviation requirements.

What happened in this case so far?

November 26: Accused urinated on elderly woman on Air India’s New York-Delhi flight. The airline did not take any action on this incident.

December 28: The airline lodged an FIR with the Delhi Police. This action was taken when the victim elderly woman complained to the chairman of the Tata Group. However, it was not revealed that the victim wrote the letter to the Chairman of the Tata Group.

December 28 to January 4: During this, the police kept searching for the accused, but did not get success.

January 4: This news went viral in media and social media.

January 5: Delhi Police reached the house of the accused in Kurla in Mumbai on Friday. Here the police could not find the accused and his family. Sangeeta, the maid working at home, was found. He told that 3 children live with a woman in this house. She does not know the name of the family members, but the last name is Mishra.

January 6: Accused Shankar Mishra used to work in Wells Fargo & Company. The company fired him. The company said- We work on the higher standard of professional behavior. Such an act of our employee is unpardonable. The Delhi Police had issued a Look Out Circular (LOC) against the accused and informed about his disappearance to the US-based legal department of Wells Fargo Company. The accused was arrested from Bangalore.

January 7: Accused Shankar Mishra was brought from Bangalore to Delhi. Today he was produced in the court, from where he was sent to judicial custody for 14 days.

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