नवजोत सिद्धू की कोठी के पास वाला पुल गिरेगा: NHAI के ढहाने के आदेश, गैर-कानूनी घोषित किया गया; तुंग डाब ड्रेन पर बना है ब्रिज

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  • Amritsar Holy City Colony Tung Dab Drain Bridge Illegal; NHAI orders demolition of bridge near Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu’s residence

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Orders have been issued to demolish the bridge leading to Punjab Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu’s residence in Amritsar. This order was issued by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI). This bridge has been built over the Tung Dab drain to enter Sidhu’s residential colony Holy City.

NHAI has pasted a notice about the bridge being illegal at the main gate of the colony. Actually, there is a lot of resentment among the people living in the colony for more than a decade due to this bridge. By spending crores of rupees, the people settled here are now feeling cheated. This action has been taken only on his complaint.

Notice pasted by NHAI at the main gate of the colony.

Notice pasted by NHAI at the main gate of the colony.

Demand to arrest colonizer
There are allegations that the colonizer who cut this colony did not inform the buyers about the bridge being illegal. As a result, the Holy City Township Association has filed a case against the colonizer for cheating the government and people and demanded his arrest.

Colony Near Amritsar Airport Road
Actually, this colony built on the bypass near Amritsar Airport Road has been in controversy for the past several years. Due to the irregularities done by the colonizer, the people of the colony have appealed to the government many times to solve their problems. Along with this, they have also taken refuge in the High Court.

Navjot Sidhu's Kothi at Holy City in Amritsar.

Navjot Sidhu’s Kothi at Holy City in Amritsar.

First complaint received in the year 2004
There are allegations that the Attari is the main highway leading to the border from outside the colony. Along with this, a bridge was constructed illegally by the colonizer over the Jati Tung Dab drain before cutting the colony. In the year 2004, the concerned department had received a complaint regarding this illegal bridge. After this the officials were ordered to investigate.

Action not taken since 20 years
The departmental officers replied on 15 June 2004 to the Executive Engineer Amritsar Jal Nikas Mandal that they were not aware of the illegality of the bridge. The surprising thing is that for 20 years no action was taken by the department in the matter, while earlier the licenses were issued to colonizers by PUDA.

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