दिल्ली में BJP राष्ट्रीय कार्यकारिणी की बैठक: 9 राज्यों के विधानसभा चुनाव पर मंथन; PM मोदी ने कमजोर बूथों पर काम का दिया निर्देश

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New Delhi2 hours ago

The BJP has started preparations for the assembly elections to be held in 9 states in 2023 and the Lok Sabha elections in 2024. In this sequence, the party executive meeting started on Monday at the NDMC Convention Center in Delhi. It will continue on Tuesday as well. Prior to the meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi did a 15-minute roadshow from Patel Chowk to NDMC Convention Center on Parliament Street.

After this, he directly reached the executive meeting and formally inaugurated the program. BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad briefed the media about the meeting. He told that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had identified the weak booths and asked them to work on them firmly. The party has identified 72 thousand such booths. Till now the party has reached 1 lakh 32 thousand booths.

Inaugurating the executive meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with party president JP Nadda were also present.

Inaugurating the executive meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with party president JP Nadda were also present.

Party president said – 9 states, Loksabha elections have to be won
Prasad further told that party president JP Nadda said in the meeting – 2023 is very important for us. We have to win the assembly elections to be held in 9 states this year and the Lok Sabha elections to be held in 2024. He also discussed the recently concluded elections and said that Gujarat’s victory was historic and unprecedented. We could not break the trend of change of government in Himachal.

The meeting was also attended by Home Minister Amit Shah, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and party president JP Nadda, all general secretaries, chief ministers of BJP ruled states, all state presidents and office bearers. Earlier on Monday morning at the BJP headquarters, Nadda had a meeting with the party officials.

Updates from the first day’s meeting…

  • In the first day’s meeting, BJP state presidents of Karnataka, Tripura, Nagaland and Meghalaya presented their reports. According to sources, the presidents of Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana and Mizoram will present their reports on Tuesday.
  • In the meeting, Union Minister Kiren Rijiju made a political proposal. In this, the opposition was accused of using abusive language in the campaign against Prime Minister Modi.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi did a roadshow for about 15 minutes from Sansad Marg to NDMC Convention Center.  After this he reached the executive meeting.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi did a roadshow for about 15 minutes from Sansad Marg to NDMC Convention Center. After this he reached the executive meeting.

In the two-day meeting, the party’s strategy regarding the organization…

Nadda’s extension possible till next Lok Sabha elections
After the roadshow, the executive meeting started. In this, a strategy will be prepared for the assembly elections of 9 states. This meeting is also important because just a week after this, the term of party president JP Nadda is coming to an end. However, there is only about a year left for the Lok Sabha elections, so there is a high possibility that Nadda may be given an extension till 2024.

Strategy not to tamper with the organization in view of elections
One of the important reasons for extending the term of the party president is the elections to 9 state assemblies to be held at the end of this year. At the same time, elections are expected to be held in Jammu and Kashmir between May and June. If there is no consensus on JP Nadda’s name for any reason, then Bhupendra Yadav’s name is at the forefront of the race. At the same time, there is every possibility of Gujarat BJP President CR Patil getting important responsibility at the Center.

The election of the president is not possible even according to the constitution of the BJP.
Technically speaking, elections for the BJP organization could not be held in 2022, so only JP Nadda can be asked to continue in office till the Lok Sabha elections. According to the constitution of BJP, the national president can be elected only after organization elections in at least 50% i.e. half of the states. In this context, out of 29 states of the country, in 15 states, the election of the national president of BJP is held only after the election of the organization.

Nadda can be the third leader to become the president for the second time in a row
If Nadda gets the responsibility of the Speaker again, he could be the third leader after LK Advani and Amit Shah to get a second consecutive term. However, Rajnath Singh also became the party president twice, but his tenure was not continuous. In the graphic below, the details of the presidents since the formation of BJP have been given.

Changes in the organization of electoral states can be approved
Assembly elections are to be held in 9 states of the country in 2023. These include big states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka and Telangana. On the other hand, elections will be held in Tripura, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Mizoram in the Northeast this year. There are full chances of elections in Jammu and Kashmir this year itself. Necessary changes can be approved in the meeting for the purpose of tightening the organization of these states. Also new faces can get a chance. Let us know about the issues one by one, on which the BJP is going to discuss in this meeting.

1. Instruction to work on Gujarat formula
In the 2018 assembly elections, BJP’s bastion Gujarat was saved from slipping out of his hands. Then BJP was able to win 101 out of 182 seats. To prevent this from happening in 2022, many leaders including PM Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah held more than 150 meetings 20 days before the elections. Modi and Shah themselves addressed more than 35 meetings.

Apart from rallies and meetings, the August 15 release of the 11 convicts in the famous Bilkis gangrape case consolidated the Hindu vote. According to sources, the details of this formula can be given to the electoral states in the meeting of the National Working Committee.

2. Decision on changing or extending the tenure of the state president in Rajasthan
The tenure of BJP state president Satish Punia in Rajasthan has been completed in December 2022. A decision can be taken in this meeting to extend his tenure or to appoint a new president.

3. Planning to make religious conversion an issue in Chhattisgarh
Modi-Shah have announced to end the Naxalite nexus in Chhattisgarh before 2024. Despite this, the BJP will need the Hindutva issue to seal victory. For this, planning can be done to expose the alleged nexus of missionaries just before the elections.

4. RSS will be super active in Karnataka
In all the poll-bound states, the BJP will look for the Hindutva issue. The party has played its part by banning PFI in Karnataka. This will be promoted vigorously in the elections. Hindu organizations are angry after the district secretary of Bajrang Dal leader Yuva Morcha was killed in Shivamogga last year. Planning can also be done on how it will be dealt with in the elections. Union Minister BL Santosh is from RSS background only. There may be a decision to hand over the election campaign to him in Karnataka.

5. Local leadership in 4 states of North East, discussion on the threat of China
Concrete planning can be done in North East to emphasize local identity more than the issue of Hindutva. PM Modi had inaugurated projects worth 7000 crores in Tripura and Meghalaya in December 2022. Therefore, the agenda of development will also be included. Local leadership and local faith will be part of the election campaign in Nagaland Mizoram.

PM Modi had linked it to Lakshmi sitting on a lotus by giving the name of Ashtalakshmi to the 8 states of the Northeast. According to the sources, there will be a discussion in the meeting regarding the implementation of the concept of Ashtalakshmi sitting on this lotus. The PM has visited the North East more than 55 times in both his terms. Here, the issue of being aggressive on China in Meghalaya will be included in BJP’s election planning.

Discussion on the elections of 10 assemblies, where 93 Lok Sabha seats
After the inclusion of Jammu and Kashmir, elections to a total of 10 assemblies are likely to be held in 2023. These states account for 17% of the Lok Sabha seats. Along with this, the decision of these states spread from north to south can also give a glimpse of the mood of the public in the Lok Sabha elections to be held next year. The political math of these 10 states can be understood from the graphic given below…

Discussion on 160 Lok Sabha seats where BJP is weak
In this meeting being held before the assembly and Lok Sabha elections, the party will review the weak Lok Sabha seats. Their number is around 160. There will be discussion on the deployment of party leaders separately on these seats and the progress report from the last meeting till this point.

You can see the schedule of this two-day meeting here…

G-20 summit with political-economic proposals on the agenda
In this meeting of the BJP’s National Executive, along with political, economic proposals, programs related to the G-20 conference and the participation of workers along with the party’s MPs-MLAs will be discussed. Leaders like party president JP Nadda, Home Minister Amit Shah and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will speak on important proposals of the party, in which the road map will be told to take the schemes of the central government to the grassroots.

PM Modi’s road show during the meeting on winning Gujarat
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s roadshow is proposed on the first day of this two-day meeting i.e. on Monday itself. This road show will be like thanking Modi on behalf of the party for the Gujarat victory. All the big leaders of BJP will be present during the road show. Earlier information came that Modi would hold a road show on the last day of the meeting, but later it was shifted to the first day.

During the Gujarat assembly elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi did a road show of about 50 km in Ahmedabad.  This picture is from that occasion.

During the Gujarat assembly elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi did a road show of about 50 km in Ahmedabad. This picture is from that occasion.

Significance of the meeting in Delhi leaving the election state
Till now speculations were rife that the BJP may hold its National Working Committee meeting in an election-bound state. Among these, the names of Madhya Pradesh and Telangana were being mentioned prominently, but the party has convened a meeting of the National Executive in Delhi and made it clear that its election campaign will be decided by the central leadership.

Last working committee meeting held in Hyderabad
The last National Executive meeting of the BJP was held in Hyderabad. However, this time too there were speculations that the BJP may hold a working committee meeting in an election-bound state. In this meeting, the preparations for the programs and activities of the organization will be discussed in the election year. Prime Minister Modi will address all the office bearers on January 17 at 4 pm. This is called the Guidance Statement. With this the meeting will come to an end.

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Elections in 10 states in 2023: This will give an idea of ​​public mood in 2024, will keep an eye on 8 decisions coming from Supreme Court

Assembly elections are to be held in 10 states in the new year. These include 93 seats in the Lok Sabha, which is 17% of the total seats. Apart from these, the Supreme Court has to decide on eight such petitions, which can have a direct or indirect impact on the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Assembly elections are to be held for the first time after the removal of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. The results here will form the opinion of the Center to prove right or wrong the decision to remove Article 370. Looking at the weather in Jammu and Kashmir, the assembly elections there are expected to be held only in the next summer. Read full news…

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