दिल्ली डबल मर्डर – वेब सीरीज देखकर हत्या की प्लानिंग: मर्डर से पहले वकील से एडवाइस ली, CCTV रिकॉर्डिंग चुराकर जमीन में छुपा दी

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This picture is of Rajrani and her daughter Ginni.  Who was murdered on 25 May.  - Dainik Bhaskar

This picture is of Rajrani and her daughter Ginni. Who was murdered on 25 May.

In Delhi’s Krishna Nagar, the police have arrested two cousins ​​on charges of double murder. Both the brothers had planned the murder after watching the web series. Not only this, before the murder, he also took advice about this from two lawyers.

The killers named the assassination plot as ‘Mission Malamal’. According to the police, the accused wanted to become rich by looting the money kept in the house after the murder. But he was identified from the call detail record and caught.

Police say, one of the accused is a singer. He was composing songs for an upcoming film on the OTT platform. While the other is a science graduate and had taught in many schools in Bihar.

The killer pretended to be a computer teacher
This matter is of 25 May. When two cousins ​​named Kishan and Ankit killed 73-year-old Rajrani and 39-year-old daughter Ginni, living in Krishna Nagar’s E Block. Kishan works as a marketing manager in a medical equipment manufacturing company.

He got registered as a tutor on a website providing online tuition. Due to which he came in contact with the queen. Rajrani needed a computer teacher for her differently-abled daughter, Ginni.

Started visiting home
Kishan started visiting Rajrani’s house from April for her daughter’s tuition and gradually gained the trust of the women as they wanted to shift from the area and helped them find a house in Lajpat Nagar.

After this, the women shared account details to pay Kishan online. After getting the account number, Kishan came to know that Rajrani had more than 50 lakh rupees in her bank account. This aroused greed in the mind of the killers and after killing them made a plan of robbery.

The police have arrested Kishan and Ankit, both the accused of the murder.

The police have arrested Kishan and Ankit, both the accused of the murder.

buy knives from laxmi nagar
Kishan along with brother Ankit named this conspiracy on WhatsApp as Mission Malamal. According to the police, a day before the incident, Ankit came to Delhi from Assam and attended his sister’s wedding. While returning from the function, he bought knives from Laxmi Nagar. Meanwhile, Rajrani is looking for another tutor for her daughter and Kishan introduces Ankit to him.

Video screen system was installed in the house
The women had installed a video screen system in their house which was connected to CCTV and no one could enter the house without their permission. On the day of the incident, at around 9.50 pm, both the accused were comfortably interred in the house as usual.

throat cut with a knife
Police say, one of the accused asked Ginni for water and as soon as she went inside the kitchen, they slit Rajrani’s throat with a knife and then attacked Ginni in the same manner. The house was splattered with blood and the accused cleaned himself as well as the house to destroy the evidence. They ransacked the house and fled with valuables.

The secret was revealed when the flat smelled
A week after the murder, neighbors called the police when a foul smell emanated from the flat. When the police opened the door, they found the dead bodies in a rotten state. The police started investigating the matter. Call detail recording led the police to suspect the accused.

When the accused came to know that the police was following them, they switched off their mobile phones. They were planning to flee to Bihar and then to Assam. But both were arrested.

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