त्रिपुरा में शाह के काफिले में घुसी सफेद कार: सरकार के शपथ ग्रहण समारोह में अगरतला पहुंचे थे गृह मंत्री

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Agartala3 minutes ago

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This video is taken from Twitter.  It can be seen that a white car rammed into Amit Shah's convoy.  - Dainik Bhaskar

This video is taken from Twitter. It can be seen that a white car rammed into Amit Shah’s convoy.

A major lapse in the security of Union Minister Amit Shah has come to light in Tripura. On Wednesday, suddenly a white colored car entered his convoy. The police tried to stop the car, but it fled while overtaking Amit Shah’s convoy at high speed.

Amit Shah reached Agartala for the swearing-in ceremony of the new government.
Tripura had a swearing-in ceremony of the new state government on Wednesday. Amit Shah had reached Agartala to participate in this programme. He was leaving the State Guest House when a white colored car suddenly rammed into his convoy. In the case, the police said that the driver of the car is being investigated. He will be caught soon.

Cops stopped the white car, but the driver fled
The video of the incident is going viral on social media. It can be seen that Amit Shah’s convoy is passing, when suddenly a white car comes near his convoy. When the policemen stopped her, she stayed for some time. After this, suddenly the car came in the middle of Shah’s convoy. The policemen running behind were trying to stop the car, but it did not stop.

There was a lapse in Shah’s security even during his visit to Maharashtra.
Earlier, there was a lapse in Shah’s security during his visit to Maharashtra in September 2022. During Shah’s visit to Mumbai, a suspect followed him for several hours. When the officials got suspicious, they informed the police about it. Police arrested him within 2-3 hours.

Z+ Security with Briefcase Ballistic Shield Cover
After Shah became the Home Minister in 2019, his security arrangements were increased. Shah was also given the cover of Z+ security as well as the briefcase ballistic shield. It is a portable bullet proof shield or portable fold out ballistic shield, which can be opened during an attack. Shah is accompanied by 24 to 30 commandos under Z+ security at all times.

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