ठग सुकेश ने तिहाड़ के DG को लिखी चिट्ठी: कहा- मेरी जान को खतरा, जेल बदलने की मांग की

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  • Sukesh Chandrasekhar money laundering case; Accused Sukesh wrote a letter to the DG of Tihar Jail

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Sukesh, a swindler since the age of 17, has also targeted many Bollywood celebrities.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Sukesh, a swindler since the age of 17, has also targeted many Bollywood celebrities.

Sukesh Chandrasekhar, a thug lodged in Delhi’s Tihar in a money laundering case, has written a letter to the DG of Tihar Jail. In this, he has accused the jail officials of taking bribe. He says that his life is in danger here. Due to this, his jail should be changed, otherwise the jail officials should be transferred.

Sukesh wrote in the letter – Superintendent Rajkumar and Deputy Superintendent Jai Singh, who have been transferred to Jail No. 14 (where Sukesh is lodged), have taken a bribe of Rs 1.25 crore from me at the behest of Superintendent Rajesh Chauhan. He told that when he was imprisoned in Jail No-4 between 2019-2020, this bribe was taken from him.

He told that in the year 2021, Rajkumar was threatening me and collecting Rs 5 lakh every month. The complaint was also made to the Supreme Court. This money was transferred from different accounts by my secretary.

Deputy Superintendent thrashed along with Associate Deputy Superintendent
Sukesh said- When I was lodged in Jail No-1, Deputy Superintendent Jai Singh along with his Associate Deputy Superintendent beat me up in 2021 and spoke abusive language to my family. I complained about this to the then DG Sandeep Goyal and later to the Harinagar police station. Sukesh has requested the DG that there is a threat to his life from Rajkumar and Jai Singh in this jail, so his jail should be changed or both of them should be transferred.

Accusations against Kejriwal
A month back, Sukesh had written a letter to the media. In this he made serious allegations against Arvind Kejriwal. In a 3-page letter, Sukesh has written – If I am a thug, then Kejriwal is a great thug. He had asked me for Rs 50 crore in exchange for a Rajya Sabha seat, which I gave.

Wrote in the letter – Minister took 10 crores in lieu of Ash in jail
On November 1, jailed thug Sukesh Chandrasekhar has written a letter to Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena making a big claim about Delhi government minister Satyendar Jain. Sukesh said that Jain had collected Rs 10 crore in the name of security and facilities in the jail. This amount was taken through one of his close friends. Read the full news here…
Who is Sukesh Chandrasekhar?
Sukesh Chandrasekhar is a resident of Bangalore, Karnataka. It is said that he started duping people at the age of 17 to live a lavish lifestyle. After swindling in Bengaluru, he targeted people in Chennai and other cities as well. From top politicians, businessmen to Bollywood celebrities have been his targets.

Sukesh used to call high-profile people and call himself a big government officer. In 2007, he had cheated more than 100 people in exchange for getting them to work in the Bangalore Development Authority, claiming that he was a big government official. Sukesh was also arrested in this case.

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