चोर इंजीनियर के घर छोड़ गए 500 का नोट: दिल्ली की घटना; चोरी करने कुछ नहीं मिला तो खुद पैसे छोड़े; मेन डोर पर मिला नोट

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  • Delhi engineer robbery case; Thieves left Rs 500 after not getting anything to steal

New Delhi7 minutes ago

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A strange incident of theft took place at the house of an ex-engineer in Delhi. Where thieves entered, they wanted to steal, but they did not find anything there. After this, the thieves left a 500 note at the door of the house while returning.

The retired engineer, the owner of the house himself told this to the police. After the theft incident, they had come to register his complaint. Police has started investigating the matter.

What was the whole matter…
The case pertains to Sector 8 of Rohini, where 80-year-old retired engineer M Ramakrishna lives with his wife. The incident took place on the night of 20-21 July. On the evening of July 19, Ramakrishna had gone to meet his son living in Gurugram along with his wife. On the morning of July 21, he received a call from a neighbor that his house had been burgled.

He immediately rushed to his home, where he found the lock of the main door broken. When they went inside, they found out that the thieves could not steal anything.

There was no valuables in the engineer’s house
Ramakrishna told the police that nothing was stolen from his house, but he found a Rs 500 note lying near the main door. He did not keep any valuables inside his house. The shelves kept inside the house were also as they were.

However, based on the complaint of the retired engineer, the police registered a case and launched a manhunt to nab the thieves.

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