चंडीगढ़ में लग्जरी गाड़ियों के ऑक्शन पर रोक: गेस्टों ने 18.96 लाख का होटल बिल नहीं चुकाया; रिकवरी के लिए ऑडी और क्रूज जब्त

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In Chandigarh, the auction of luxury cars has been put on hold for the recovery of the bill of Shivalik View Hotel located in Sector 17 of Chandigarh Industrial and Tourism Development Corporation (CITCO). The Chandigarh district court has stayed this. The Chandigarh district court has stayed this in the case. However, the order copy has not been uploaded yet. This has been confirmed by the Law Officer of CITCO.

Please tell that in the year 2018, two guests had a lot of fun in the 4 star luxury hotel for 6 months. When the turn came to pay the bill of 18.96 lakhs, they started moving. Seeing this, the hotel management seized their luxury vehicles Audi and Chevrolet Cruze, which cost 58 lakhs.

In the case, CITCO had seized the vehicles of these guests and they did not even come to rescue them. After this, it was decided to auction them to recover the hotel bill. Regarding which CITCO filed a case in the court in the year 2020. Earlier, the court had ordered the auction of both these luxury vehicles on 14 February i.e. Valentine’s Day. However, later this auction has been banned in the orders of 13 February.

In the year 2018, two customers named Ashwini Kumar Chopra and Ramnik Bansal came to the hotel. They stayed in the hotel for 6 months. They had a lot of fun here and enjoyed every facility of the hotel. And when he checked out, the hotel handed him a bill of 18.96 lakhs.

Check bounced by guest
The guest gave three checks of 6 lakh each in the name of the bill. When the hotel deposited these checks in the bank, they bounced. The hotel then confiscated his Audi Q3 and Chevrolet Cruze. Five years have passed since this incident, but they did not return to collect the vehicles. After this the hotel decided to compensate by selling them.

CITCO reached court in 2020
In the year 2020, CITCO had filed this case in the Chandigarh district court, making Ramneek Bansal a party to compensate for the rent. During the court hearing in the case in March 2021, citing the report, it was said that the summons sent to the defendant party (car owner Ramnik Bansal) in the case had been returned. The house was locked and he lived on rent.

The other address was of Hoshiarpur, where summons were sent. Although publication was also done in August 2021 due to lack of any information from the defendant side, but no one appeared in the court. In such a situation, the case was taken forward by starting ex-party action.

Other car owner also did not appear
In the same case, summons was issued to another car owner on the basis of his RC, but he also did not appear. Publication orders were given in September 2021. He did not appear even then, after which in November 2021, he was also proceeded with the case by doing ex-party. It was reported that he is not living at the concerned address for the last 3 years. In the case PB10 CF 0009 car was registered in the name of one Ashwini Kumar Chopra. Whereas PCL 0082 was registered in the name of Ramnik Bansal.

Ramnik Bansal was contacted at these addresses
The address of Ramnik Bansal’s Sector 48C and 49B of Chandigarh was in the papers. Although he did not live there. At the same time, no one lived at the address of Sector 44A. Apart from this, an application was also sent to his son in Industrial Area Phase 1, which was served. However, Ramnik Bansal did not appear.

One car was blacklisted and the other on loan
At the same time, it was found in the report that one of the two cars is blacklisted. On the other hand, the loan of another car PB10 CF 0009 is going on from the bank. On this, CITCO said that it will pay the creditors first from the auction amount and then make its recovery. An affidavit was filed by the General Manager (Finance & Accounts) of CITCO in this regard.

Both vehicles of Punjab number, Audi of 45 lakhs in 10 lakhs
After taking permission from the court, the hotel had fixed the date for their auction. These were to be auctioned on 14 February. In this, the reserve price of AUDI Q 3 worth Rs 45 lakh was kept at Rs 10 lakh and the reserve price of Chevrolet Cruze vehicle worth Rs 1.35 lakh was kept at Rs 1.5 lakh. Audi is of 2012 and Cruze is of 2016 model.

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