चंडीगढ़ में कोरोना से 92 साल के बुजुर्ग की मौत: फर्स्ट-सेकेंड के साथ बूस्टर डोज भी ली थी; 6 महीने बाद किसी मरीज की मौत

Chandigarh42 minutes ago

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A 92 year old Covid affected patient has died in Chandigarh. Chandigarh Health Department has confirmed this. After about 6 months, a patient has died of Covid in the city. The elderly resident of Sector 15 was also suffering from a serious illness. He had prostate cancer that had metastasized. There he also had pneumonia. He was undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Mohali.

He had also taken booster dose along with both the doses of Kovid for the rescue from Kovid. However, due to his serious illness, the condition of Covid infection also remained.

Died after 6 months
Let us inform that on August 26 last year, one life was lost due to Covid in the city. At the same time, from November 2022, the cases of Kovid started falling in the city. So far this month, only 4 cases of Covid have been reported in the city. In January, 9 cases of Kovid were revealed.

98,180 have been cured
The COVID pandemic started spreading in March, 2020. So far 99,364 positive cases have come in the city. Of these, 98,180 have been cured. On the other hand, 1,182 Kovid affected people have also died. At present, 2 people in the city are affected by Corona and both are home quarantined.

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