कोविड अलर्ट के बाद स्वास्थ्य मंत्री का पहला इंटरव्यू: बोले- देश में जरूरी पाबंदियां आज से, वायरस और खतरनाक हो रहा

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new Delhi18 hours agoAuthor: Manish Mehta / Nirmal Dave

In Bhaskar’s conversation, Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya said that corona testing of passengers coming from abroad will be done. Along with this, random checking will also be done at the airport.

Restrictions regarding Kovid are going to start in the country from today itself, i.e. from Thursday itself. Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya has given this information. He said that we cannot be careless, immediate action has to be taken.

In an interview given to Bhaskar, Mandaviya said that the condition of China is very bad. Last time also we handled Covid better than other countries. We have experience so will handle it well this time also.

He said that the crematoriums in China are overcrowded. Even in the second wave, India’s condition was not as bad as it is now in China. The virus which has wreaked havoc there is getting more dangerous.

Exclusive interview of Union Health Minister…

Bhaskar: Is the government going to implement new restrictions in the country regarding Corona?
Yes. We are starting to impose necessary restrictions in the country from Thursday itself. Passengers coming from abroad will be tested for corona. Random checking will also be done at the airport. This time also we will work in the same way as we did earlier to handle Covid.

Bhaskar: How is the situation regarding Corona in the country?
India need not panic, but seriousness is extremely important. Now we have to be alert at every level.

Bhaskar: Like last time, do you think the virus can come to India via China-America-Africa-Europe route?
Yes, of course it can. That’s why we are tracking the virus. It is for this reason that the decision to start the investigation at the airport has been taken. We have accurate information about how the virus is changing its form and what is its effect.

This is a picture of Delhi's Sarojini Nagar market on 21st December.  People have gathered without wearing masks.

This is a picture of Delhi’s Sarojini Nagar market on 21st December. People have gathered without wearing masks.

Bhaskar: There have been some cases of BF-7, the deadliest variant of Omicron, in Gujarat. Any comment on this…
This is an old matter, but such cases are coming in India, this is also true. Another thing has been noticed that the BF-7 variant is also mutating. This thing can be called more dangerous. Cases of this variant have been reported earlier in India as well. These cases have been found from time to time, but the good thing is that they have not spread.

Bhaskar: What would you say about the current situation in other states of the country including Gujarat?
Every state including Gujarat will have to remain alert. It cannot be talked about in relation to any one state. Cases have not started increasing in the country yet, but may happen. Therefore, all the states including Gujarat will have to remain alert.

Bhaskar: Will genome sequencing be increased to understand the changing forms of corona?
A review meeting of the Central Government is going to be held soon on this. Apart from this, meetings have been started with the states at the secretary level. We will hold a meeting with the health ministers of all the states and emphasize on tracing, treatment, genome sequencing (which variant has caused Covid). At present, all states have been alerted to increase genome sequencing.

Bhaskar: Is China fast asleep or has the situation become very serious? And did the rest of the countries of the world including India feel that Corona has gone away?

Mandaviya: China’s vaccine has failed. China had implemented the Zero Covid policy for a long time. People were kept in the house for two years. People weren’t getting out and were tired. It is very cold now. At present, there is no space in the hospital. There is a line for four hours on the road to get admitted to the hospital. The people standing in the queue are dying separately and those who are admitted in the hospital are dying separately.

Bhaskar: Is the situation in China the same as we had in the second wave?

Mandaviya: No, we were better off in the second wave as well. The situation in China is even worse now. People are dying.

There is a shortage of beds in Chinese hospitals.  Patients are being treated on the ground.

There is a shortage of beds in Chinese hospitals. Patients are being treated on the ground.

Bhaskar: So it can be said that the situation in China is scary right now?

Mandaviya: Yes, of course. Although it remains to be seen.

Bhaskar: How will we work now?

Mandaviya: We have handled Covid better than other countries in the world. We have its experience and we also have its vaccine. We will take immediate action as per the need. Keeping in mind the current situation and past experience, we cannot be careless.

Dead bodies can be seen everywhere in hospitals.  In many places heaps can be seen.

Dead bodies can be seen everywhere in hospitals. In many places heaps can be seen.

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