कॉकपिट में गर्लफ्रेंड को ले गया एअर इंडिया पायलट: DGCA ने सभी क्रू मेंबर्स को हटाने के निर्देश दिए

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  • AI’s Dubai Delhi flight incident: DGCA orders evacuation of entire crew pending probe

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Air India pilot has been accused of bringing his girlfriend into the cockpit and putting passengers' lives at risk.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Air India pilot has been accused of bringing his girlfriend into the cockpit and putting passengers’ lives at risk.

During Air India’s Dubai-Delhi flight, a pilot allowed his girlfriend to enter the cockpit. In this matter, now the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has directed the airline to remove all crew members till the completion of the investigation.

Actually, a cabin crew member had complained against the pilot to the DGCA. He told that the pilot took his girlfriend to the cockpit. Both stayed there for an hour. The pilot asked the crew to order pillows for him and serve him alcohol. When the crew refused to serve alcohol in the cockpit, the pilot became enraged and abused them.

This incident happened on 27 February. On this, DGCA formed a committee and started investigation on March 3 itself. If sources are to be believed, the airlines have forbidden their employees from speaking anything in this matter.

Read the complaint sequentially.
The cabin crew said in their complaint that flight AI 915 was having problems with the pilot since its inception on February 27. First he reached late from the reporting time. The crew waited, but as the pilot was late, they boarded the plane without meeting each other. Later, along with the passengers, the pilot also boarded the plane. As soon as the pilot-in-charge arrived, he asked the crew members about the availability of seats in business class, as one of his female friends was traveling in economy class.

The crew has also accused the pilot of flaring up and making obscene comments.  (file photo)

The crew has also accused the pilot of flaring up and making obscene comments. (file photo)

Pilot fumes when crew refuses to serve alcohol in cockpit
The crew reported that the pilot-in-charge asked them to call their female friend. He wanted the crew to be seen welcoming his female friend as she entered the cockpit. Also asked to bring some pillows for his comfort. His female friend came into the cockpit and sat on the first observer seat. The pilot asked the crew to serve drinks and food to his lady friend in the cockpit itself.

The crew told the pilot-in-charge that they cannot serve alcohol in the cockpit. He got angry on this and started treating the crew like servants.

kept talking to a female friend during the flight
When the female friend of the pilot was present in the cockpit and the crew members went there to talk, he was not in his normal state. The first officer was sleeping with a pillow. The pilot-in-charge was sitting in the rear observer’s station opposite the female passenger and talking. The pilot-in-charge informed the crew that the first officer (co-pilot) was taking controlled rest and sleep.

The crew also informed that both the pilots accompanied the female passenger till the immigration area. Also alleged that during the return flight also the pilot in charge was angry and made obscene comments. The crew has asked the DGCA to conduct a mental test of the pilot at the Air Force Medical Testing Station as he had put the lives of passengers at risk.

Urine incident happened in Air India flight itself.

Passenger Shankar Mishra urinated on an elderly woman on a New York-Delhi flight of Air India on November 26. The airline did not take any action on this incident. The airline lodged an FIR with the Delhi Police. This action was taken when the victim elderly woman complained to the chairman of the Tata Group.

In this case, DGCA imposed a fine of 30 lakhs on the airline. DGCA suspended the pilot’s license for 3 months. Accused Shankar Mishra was also banned from air travel for 4 months.

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