एम्स सर्वर हैकिंग केस में अब इंटरपोल भी शामिल: दिल्ली पुलिस ने चीन-हॉन्गकॉन्ग के हैकर्स की जानकारी मांगी

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China was involved in the cyber attack on Delhi AIIMS server. This was confirmed by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. According to media reports, Delhi Police has now written a letter to the CBI seeking information about hackers from China and Hong Kong through Interpol. Police say that information should be given about the IP addresses from which the hackers were mailed.

Along with this, it has been asked in the letter that to whom these IP addresses have been given, whether any company is using them or any personal is involved in it. Explain that CBI is the nodal agency to contact Interpol, so this demand has been made from CBI.

The ministry had told that the server of AIIMS was attacked by Chinese hackers. 5 out of 100 servers of AIIMS were hacked, the data of all these has been recovered. And online registration of OPD has started.

Two Chinese groups behind cyber attack
The official investigating the hacking had said that according to cyber experts, two Chinese ransomware groups – Emperor Dragonfly and Bronze Starlight (DEV-0401) could be behind the attack. At the same time, the second suspicion was on a group named Life, which is believed to be a new version of ransomware called Vanaren. The investigation also suggests that the hackers may have started putting the data up for sale on the dark web after their demands were not met.

The dark web is part of internet searching, but it is not normally searchable on search engines. To open this type of site, a special browser is required, which is called Tor. The sites of the dark web are hidden with the help of Tor encryption tool. In such a situation, if a user accesses these in a wrong way, then there is a danger of his data being stolen.

Hackers demanded a ransom of Rs 200 crore from AIIMS
Those who hacked the server of AIIMS Delhi had demanded Rs 200 crore. The hackers had asked to make the payment in cryptocurrency. However, the Delhi Police had refused to demand any kind of ransom.

What happened on 23 November? Understand the whole matter…
In AIIMS, at 6.45 am, there is a complaint of not receiving patients’ reports from the computer center of the Emergency Lab. After this, some similar calls start coming from the billing center and department as well. When the NIC team investigated, it was found that all the files are not opening on the main server.

When the team first tried to restore the files through the backup system, it was found that it too had been breached. Then on further investigation, it was found that the extension i.e. e-address on which the files are kept in the cloud has also been changed. The matter of cyber attack has been confirmed. For this, the help of Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) was also taken.

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