आखिरी मोहलत के 13 दिन बाद…न बमबाज आया न बुलडोजर: गुड्डू के घर मोहल्ले वालों ने लगवाया ताला, अफसर बोले- अभी कार्रवाई नहीं करेंगे

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Chakniratul Mohalla of Prayagraj. More than 50 houses built along the line. There is no place to get out of the bike properly in the streets. The 11th house in the first street of the locality belongs to Guddu Muslim, the bomber.

The last date for the demolition of this 3-storey house was 18 April 2023. Due notice was pasted on the main gate of the house. It was clearly written on this that you should demolish the house yourself within 15 days, otherwise the administration will recover the cost of demolishing the house from you. But after 13 days neither Guddu Muslim or his family came forward nor the bulldozer of the administration that demolished the house.

After the Umesh Pal murder case on February 24, Guddu Chakniratul is missing from the locality. The house is lying open. Everything inside is scattered. Due to the fear of theft, the people of the locality themselves have bought the lock and got it installed on the gate. At the same time, there is news of Guddu hiding in Meerut, and sometimes of running away to Karnataka via Goa, Delhi or Mumbai. The people of the neighborhood say that they last saw Guddu in February. No one knows where he went after that.

  • Let’s take you to the neighborhood of Guddu Muslim, the bomber…
Guddu's house was at such a place from where both Atiq's house and office were in his connectivity.

Guddu’s house was at such a place from where both Atiq’s house and office were in his connectivity.

Atiq’s house is only 100 meters from Guddu’s house.
Chakniratul Mohalla falls where the road leading to Chakiya, the house of Mafia Atiq Ahmed, begins. Here the only three-storey house built in 600 square feet belongs to Guddu.

Two notices of Prayagraj Development Authority have been pasted on the right side of the main gate of the house. In both, the last time has been given to demolish the house. An old man was sitting at the grocery shop right in front of Guddu’s house. They were looking angry at the arrival of the media in the locality.

He refused to talk directly on camera. Said, “On March 21, 5 officers of Prayagraj Development Authority had come here. They were inquiring from us as to where the people of this house had gone. We told them that we do not care about Guddu’s family. We don’t know where he went. After that they pasted this notice on the gate and went away.

Since when was Guddu’s family living here? On our question, the old man told that Guddu had come to live here with his wife in 2011. He lived in this house with his children. No one came here after he left. Only media people and police keep coming here.

In this narrow lane is the house of Guddu Muslim, the bomber.

In this narrow lane is the house of Guddu Muslim, the bomber.

Was Guddu Atiq’s man? people get angry at this question
After moving 100 meters from Guddu’s house street, there is a way to Chakia market. There are hotels, tailors, hair cutting and sewing machine repairing shops. When we asked Shoaib, who met us at the sewing machine shop, about Guddu, he was furious.

Was Guddu Atiq’s man? Shoaib shook his head no to this question and said, “We don’t know, just won’t say anything more.”

We spoke to a few people around, but no one was ready to talk openly about Guddu or his family. The people of the locality have this to say on Guddu that before February 24, Guddu and his family used to live here. Who went where after Umesh’s murder. No one knows this. When people refused to talk, we moved out of the locality.

‘Ask the police, not us, where are Guddu-Shaista’

People met at Chakia, Chakniratul and Colvin Road told that before Umesh's murder, Guddu used to live with his family in Prayagraj.

People met at Chakia, Chakniratul and Colvin Road told that before Umesh’s murder, Guddu used to live with his family in Prayagraj.

After leaving Chakniratul locality, we reached Colvin Hospital, 2 KM away. Atiq-Ashraf were murdered here on the night of 15th April. This place is just 2 kilometers away from Guddu Muslim’s house.

Here on the toilet of the hospital we found Abdul Rashid. We spoke to him about Guddu and Shaista, who are absconding. Abdul Rashid told, “Whatever is coming out about Guddu and Shaista. There we all are also listening. Why couldn’t he be caught after 2 months. Don’t ask us about this, ask the police.”

When asked about Gaddu and his family, 90% of the people here say that we had nothing to do with them. Even today the fear of Guddu is so much that no one wants to talk about him even if he wants to.

Goa was Guddu’s last location…
Last week it was reported that Guddu is changing the location again and again in disguise. He has grown a beard to change his appearance. So that he cannot be identified among the common people. After Meerut in UP, after Guddu’s location was found in Nashik, Maharashtra, when the STF team reached there, Guddu had left. After this, after Karnataka and then Odisha, it was found that Guddu is in Chhattisgarh.

According to police sources, now Guddu’s last location has been found in Goa. Guddu has been given shelter there by gangster Anwar Sheikh alias Tiger. Earlier, UP STF had reached Meerut in search of Guddu. Currently, a team of STF is looking for Guddu in Goa as well.

STF chief said – Guddu’s old way of changing place, will be caught soon
On Guddu’s absconding, ADG/STF Amitabh Yash says, “It is Guddu Muslim’s old fashion to change places while on the run. Even if the police get information about his hiding, he vanishes before the force reaches. STF is continuously making efforts to nab him.Hopefully he will be nabbed soon.

Let’s stop here. Till now you have heard the words of the people of Guddu’s neighborhood. When will his 3 storey house collapse? What will be the next action on Guddu? To know this, we spoke to Ajit Singh, Secretary of Prayagraj Development Authority.

Why is the bulldozer silent even after 30 days of pasting the notice?
On 3 April 2023, the PDA team reaches Chakiya’s Mauza Chakniratul. Guddu Muslim’s house is found open. On going inside, nothing is found except scattered goods. After this, the team puts a notice for the demolition of the house on the main gate of the house. A grace period of 15 days is given. Guddu and his wife Chandni alias Chand Bibi are named on the notice.

This picture is of Guddu Muslim's 3 storey house.  The netis of the administration is pasted on the gate.

This picture is of Guddu Muslim’s 3 storey house. The netis of the administration is pasted on the gate.

Despite the last date for demolition of the house being 18 April 2023 in the notice, why hasn’t the action been taken till now. On this, Ajit Singh, Secretary, Prayagraj Development Authority says, “Discussions are going on at the upper level regarding when to run the bulldozer at Guddu Muslim’s house. Whatever decision is taken, it will be told to you. Till then the demolition process has been put on hold.”

There is another big reason behind Guddu Muslim’s house not being demolished despite the expiry of the notice period. Actually, the narrow street in which Guddu’s house is located. There is no place to take bulldozers. In such a situation, the Prayagraj Development Authority can use indoor drilling or any other method to demolish the house.

Now Delhi Police reached Guddu’s Shivkuti house
Now Delhi Police is also looking for Guddu. In fact, after the arrest of arms smuggler Avtar Singh, the Delhi Police revealed on May 1 that it was Guddu, the bomber, who had procured weapons from Delhi for the murder of Umesh Pal. Regarding this, a notice has been pasted at Guddu’s house in Shivkuti.

The Delhi Police has pasted this notice at Guddu Muslim's Shivkuti house.

The Delhi Police has pasted this notice at Guddu Muslim’s Shivkuti house.

Avtar Singh used to supply arms at the inter-state level. Who was arrested by Delhi Police on 28 March 2023. He told during interrogation that a few days before Umesh’s murder, he had supplied 10 foreign weapons to Guddu Muslim through two persons named Khalid-Zeeshan. Khalid and Zeeshan were already in contact with the arms smuggler.

Zeeshan and Khalid were arrested by Delhi Police’s Special Cell on March 28 from Sheikh Sarai, Delhi area. After this, two pistols and magazines were recovered from both of them. On the tip of both, a criminal named Javed was also arrested from Delhi on 31st March.

At present, Delhi Police is raiding different places of UP in search of Guddu on the basis of questioning of arms smugglers.

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Atiq’s money envelope… I gave it to the beggar

Huge Kothi spread over 3000 square meters. 8 security guards from the main gate to the inner hallway and 12 luxury vehicles parked in the shed at the far end. Everything is settled in the eyes even today. I still remember that evening… I was returning after taking Ateeq’s photo. Only then a heavy voice stopped me – Yadav ji wait…

When I turned around, Atik was standing behind me. He came close to me and put a white envelope in his shirt pocket. I refused. Said, “I am getting a good salary for this work. There is no need of this envelope.” Ateeq did not agree. He said to me- You are like a younger brother… giving with love. Keep it. I could not bear the black burden of that white envelope. There was a mosque nearby. A beggar was sitting there, I handed over the envelope to him and returned home from there. Read full news…

Stayed in the executive room for 2200 rupees, ID was not given; Some fourth had booked the room

The SIT is interrogating the three shooters after the April 15 murder of mafia Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf. What was the activity of the shooters before committing the murder? When did he come to Prayagraj, where did he stay? What were you doing on the day of the massacre? Answers to many such questions are being sought. On 20 April, the shooters were interrogated for 8 hours. During this, he told that he had stayed in a hotel near platform number 1 of Prayagraj Junction.

Based on the location provided by the shooters, the SIT reached Hotel ‘Stay Inn’ on Saturday afternoon. We also reached there after the investigation officers had left. Read full news…

The mafia had arrived without being invited, became the chief guest; The principal came to know when the photo was published

All sons of Mafia Atiq studied at St. Joseph’s School in Prayagraj. From the school canteen to the playground, many stories of his robe are spread. Atiq himself had reached here 20 years back without being invited as the chief guest. Prizes were given to the children and the college administration came to know about it the other day.

This is the same school where four of its pass out students have been judges of the Supreme Court and 16 have been judges of the High Court. Ex Air Chief Marshal Anil Kumar Brown and country’s well-known lawyer Prashant Bhushan even studied from here. Read full news…

When the car went fast, the mafia said – I am a diabetic patient, drive slowly

Mafia Atiq Ahmed, accused in the Umesh Pal murder case, was produced in the court on Tuesday. It took 23 hours 45 minutes to complete the 1300 kilometer journey from Gujarat’s Sabarmati Jail to Prayagraj’s Naini Jail. This journey was not easy. Especially for the driver who was driving Atiq’s car. Media vehicles were continuously overtaking. The focus of the camera was directly on the driver. The cow that suddenly appeared in Shivpuri made the driver’s throat dry. To know the answers to all these questions, we spoke to the driver Parshuram over the phone. Read full news…

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