असम के स्कूलों में टीचर्स के लिए जींस, लैगिंग बैन: विभाग ने ड्रेस कोड लागू किया, शिक्षा मंत्री बोले- स्कूलों के लिए रूल बुक लाएंगे

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  • Department implemented dress code, Education Minister said – will bring rule book for schools

Guwahati33 minutes ago

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Teachers will no longer be able to wear jeans, T-shirts, lagging in Assam government schools. The government has implemented a dress code for school teachers. The notification was issued on Saturday.

The school education department of the state government has asked male and female teachers to follow the dress code. The notification states that a teacher is expected to set an example of all decency while performing his duties. Therefore it is necessary to follow a dress code.

It has recently come to notice that teachers in schools have a habit of wearing clothes of their choice. Sometimes they wear clothes that people don’t find acceptable for teachers. Teachers should wear decent clothes that reflect decorum, decorum, professionalism and seriousness in schools. That’s why the dress code has been introduced.

teachers have to wear this
It has also been told in the notification that what teachers should wear-

male teacher- Come to school wearing pant-shirt. Do not wear jeans t-shirt.

female teacher- Do duty by wearing salwar suit/sari/mekhela-chador. Do not wear T-shirts, jeans, leggings etc. casual dress.

Disciplinary action if not followed
The Secretary of the School Education Department has issued this notification. It is further stated that the above order should be scrupulously followed by all concerned. If anyone does not follow this, disciplinary action will be taken against him as per rules.

Education Minister said – will bring the rule book
Responding to this, Assam Education Minister Dr. Ranoj Pegu said that the Assam government is going to start a school rule book for all government schools. It explains in detail how to manage the school. and how to conduct classes.

This school rule book states that teachers must dress decently and they must wear formal attire. There is a uniform for the students. That’s why teachers should come to school wearing formals.

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