अमेरिका और चीन की नकल से नहीं होगा विकास: RSS चीफ मोहन भागवत बोले- भारत को खुद का मॉडल अपनाने की जरूरत

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Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat on Sunday spoke on India’s development model. He said that India should not copy China and America, it should follow its own path. For this, India needs to adopt its own model. Bhagwat had reached a program of Bharat Vikas Parishad in Mumbai. Addressing the program, he said that there is a need to work towards making India a world guru.

He told about how the development of India is possible. The Sangh chief said that India’s vision should be based on people’s circumstances, values, culture and world view. If something good comes from the world, we will take it. But we will take according to nature and our conditions.

The soul of the country is one: Mohan Bhagwat
This statement of Bhagwat comes after Home Minister Amit Shah’s participation in the program ‘India is a geo-culture country and our cultures are the basis of our unity’. Bhagwat said that India is made up of diverse languages, cultures, grammars, arts and civilizations, but when we look closely, the soul of this country is one, and that is the integral soul of India.

He said, “I want to give a message today that there is equality between faith and love as both cannot be achieved by force. Kasi Tamil Sangamam has created a new atmosphere of trust and love between the two regions. Bhagwat further Said that if India needs to learn from the world, then the country will definitely learn, but will stick to its basic principles and ideas.

nation repeated once again
During this, he reiterated the principle of ‘nation first’ and said that India is a land of unity in diversity. Our constitution has given us social security and hence we have to repay what the nation has given us. We should think what and how we can repay the nation. India is not there to conquer the world, but to unite people. Our attributes and qualities will bring balance to the world.

The sticks of those who run the stick will also be closed
Mohan Bhagwat said that if we develop, the world will also develop. In such a situation, there will be no war among the countries of the world. If we become strong then we will not run a stick like China, America and Russia. Because of us, the sticks of those who use sticks will also stop, but if we want to do all this, then we all have to work together.

The world needs India today
Earlier last Thursday, the Union chief had appreciated the G20 chairmanship given to India. Bhagwat had said that it is not a normal thing for the G20 presidency to come to India. The world needs India now. Now only India is talked about in the world and now the world is also convinced that India can lead the world.

G20 chairmanship boosted the morale of the people in the country
He will go far to unite us the whole world. The G20 chairmanship has boosted the morale of the people in the country. People have realized that India is not behind in the world and is moving towards becoming Vishwaguru. He said that the G20 chairmanship coming to India is just the beginning. We still have a long way to go. The whole society has to work towards making India a ‘Vishwa Guru’.

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RSS has recently increased contact with Muslims. During this, Mohan Bhagwat has met the leaders of the community several times.

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